Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Celebrity News: NFL linebacker's mother screams as his baby cries in 911 tapes

Sisters, here is the 911 call of Jovan Belcher's mother, Cheryl Shepard crying, screaming and trying to make sure Kasandra remains alive, after her son left to go commit suicide.   Meanwhile, the baby is also heard crying over the phone.   This is very sad, after this young couple had a young baby three months prior to this murder-suicide.  We wish something could have been done to prevent this tragedy.    

Sisters, let us continue to encourage our young black men to make sure they only play football for so long or not play at all, because although Belcher allegedly was out with another woman, we feel there was some brain damage going on similar to Junior Sea's case (please read our previous articles).   Some people always like to bring up the errors of people before they died, but it is fair to look at all of the facts.   Yes, Jovan Belcher could have been doing wrong, but it so unnecessary to mention his alleged wrongdoing at a time when we cannot bring he nor his girlfriend back to life.   There was some definite brain damage going on to cause him to snap.  Alleged facts reveal he was heavily drinking every night while taking painkillers to endure his head injuries.  Therefore, even if he was not a perfect man, the sport he played did some damage to his brain, allegedly.  Therefore, it is time to pray for he and Kassandra Perkins' babygirl, Zoey and his mother and focus on his human errors.   Jovan Belcher is not the first to endure head injuries and take his own life, including someone else.  

When you hear this video, it very scary to think about what happened just seconds before Jovan Belcher's picked up the phone to call 911.   May God rest her son and his girlfriend's souls, may they both rest in peace.  In the meantime, we will keep his mother, Cheryl Shepherd and her grandchild, Zoey in our prayers.

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NFL linebacker's mother screams as his baby cries in 911 tapes

By Lateef Mungin, CNN

(CNN) -- Inside the Kansas City home that Jovan Belcher fled, his baby daughter wailed, his mother was in hysterics and his girlfriend was quiet. Barely breathing.

This is what the NFL linebacker left behind on Saturday in a rush of violence that left many wondering why.

Few answers came from 911 tapes released this week by police. But the tapes...Read full article, here.

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