Monday, December 3, 2012

Celebrity News: Jovan Belcher struggled with head injuries, alcohol, and painkillers before murder-suicide

Sisters, this is an update regarding the death of NFL Player, Jovan Belcher's murder-suicide with his girlfriend.  The couple met through Belcher's cousin who is married to her cousin.   Kasandra Perkins had moved from Texas to be with Jovan in Missouri.  Close friends of the couple find it very strange for Jovan to have done such a thing like this, but he was suffering from serious headaches and often took painkillers and drank alcohol on a nightly basis.  We have heard this same story before about other NFL players whom suffered excrutiating pain, because the sport is just not safe to play. Remember, Junior Seau, the former NFL linebacker who committed suicide?  Seau also suffered from head injuries. 

For some odd reason, a source allegedly claims Belcher had confronted Perkins when she came home after watching R&B star Trey Songz perform in Kansas City.   It was not the first time, since he allegedly was very angry because she had quit her retail job and stop going to college.   The sport must had done so much damage to his head, he could not understand his woman being able to share his wealth.   Think about it sisters, Belcher was able to afford to drive a Bentley, why couldn't he understand Kasandra taking a break from college and not wanting to work retail, anymore?  According to Mail Online, she was going to continue college in January. Classmates who attended the community college said they did not notice anything different about her the morning of the shooting.  Therefore, this proves his brain was so effected, he could not peacefully compromise with Perkins.  We know something had to be seriously wrong, if he often drank on a nightly basis, possibly to ease the excruciating pain.  Like Seau, Belcher's brain probably was so damaged, he could no longer communicate in a normal fashion. One black journalists unfairly calls Jovan Belcher a monster, which is very ignorant.  He was not a monster, he was just another NFL player who was experiencing a lot of damage in his brain, just read about Junior Seau who also committed suicide.

May this lovely couple rest in peace.  We are praying for the grieving families of Jovan Belcher and Kasandra Perkins.

Friends say Kansas City Chief Jovan Belcher struggled with head injuries, alcohol, and painkillers before killing his girlfriend 

By Daily Mail Reporter and Daniel Bates

Friends now say Kansas City Chief Jovan Belcher's mental state may have been deteriorated due to a history of head injuries, pain killers, and alcohol abuse.
 A person claiming to be close to Belcher,25, has revealed in a series of e-mails that these issues as well as long-term domestic problems between himself and his girlfriend may have led Belcher to the murder-suicide he...Read full article, here.

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