Thursday, December 20, 2012

Celebrity News: 10 Greatest Black Women in 2012 Married to or together with White Men

Greetings sisters, the Souls of Black Women blog would like to celebrate the 10 greatest black women in 2012 married to white men.   As you know, we have done too many previous reports  this year on murder-suicides among black couples (some black men killing black women), whether they were married or in a relationship.  It seems as though we black women were created for the white man to a certain extent.  Since we have been getting more insights about why some black women date white men, it is time to celebrate their freedom.  

Too much resentment from black men in our families (or in general), whether they were our fathers, brothers, cousins or uncles has nearly crippled our spirits.  Too much rejection from many black men who do not think of us as beautiful has caused us much emotional distress. Therefore, it is time for us to also enjoy the revolution since one of our journalists has now opened her heart up to date white men, coming from a background of inconsiderate black men and the inconsiderate black women who cater to them while witnessing and supporting their disrespect toward her, most of her life.   Now, it is time for a celebration here at Souls of Black Women, giving the highest respect to 10 greatest black women in America who are happily married to their white men.  We may not be doing this so often, but it is certainly time for a change.

Robert DeNiro and and Grace Hightower

It's their second child together; they also have a 13-year-old son, Elliot. De Niro and Hightower have been married since 1997.

Photo: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Tamera Mowry and husband Adam Housley

According to, just this year in November, the lovely couple had a baby boy.


Photo Credit: Toby Canham/Getty Images North America 

According to, this lovely couple met in 2006 and married in 2007. Neither have any children at this time. 

 Now, sisters as you know we have written about this lovely couples a few times, prior. According to OWN, Mellody and Hobson and her man, George Lucas met at a conference. We are not sure the exact year, but he says about 5 years ago.

 Watch OWN 1 Minute Video


(Getty Images) & Zimbio
According to Zimbio, Jeff Tietjens is a lawyer and the husband of actress Aisha Tyler. The two got married in 1992, they were high school sweethearts, and have been happy since! Tyler and Tietjens met at Dartmouth College.


According to, Puck and Assefa, met in Los Angeles, where Puck first established Spago almost 30 years ago and where Assefa was studying. They have two sons, Oliver, and Alexander.


Supermodel Iman and British rock star David Bowie

According to, in 1992, this lovely couple were married in a civil ceremony in Lausanne, Switzerland where Bowie lived at the time. (Later, David and Iman would marry in a church service in Italy.)


Actor Justin Chambers and his wife, Keisha

According to, Justin and Keisha got married in 1993.  In the early ‘90s, Justin was a model on the rise, starring in ad campaigns for Calvin Klein. At the same time, Keisha was working at a modeling agency and that's how this lovely couple met. 


According to, this famous actress Alfre Ette Woodard and her husband Roderick Spencer married on October 12, 1983. They have two children, Mavis and Duncan.


According to, Vladislav and Naomi met for the first time in 2008, in Cannes, where the model was celebrating her birthday falling on the local film festival.  There are rumors this lovely couple will eventually marry.


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