Friday, December 28, 2012

Black women, why date a nice white man and then allow your siblings to harm or murder him?

Two siblings, brother and sister of a dead man's girlfriend and another teen allegedly murdered Michael Shull.  His body was found in the front yard of a stranger's home.  Now, there is no evidence the girlfriend is to blame for this murder neither has it been proven she helped the three accused teens murder her deaf boyfriend.    However, something suspiciously happened when he went to pick her up to go shopping, after she asked him to give her brother a ride.   

We are not saying Shull's girlfriend necessarily had anything to do with his murder, but the question must be asked, why should any black woman date a nice white guy and then, allow him to be murdered by her relatives?  In other-wards, if we as black women are so fortunate to meet a nice white man, how could we allow him out of our sight or to be harmed in any way by anyone?   Now, according to, he met this girlfriend at the School for the Deaf.  Now, she may be hard of hearing like him, but the report did not say she was dumb.   When you watch this following video, you will hear Michael Shull's older brother admit no one liked her, as though she had a bad reputation.   So, there is a possibility, she was evil like her siblings, although she allegedly is deaf like the deceased victim.

According to, all three teens, Davonta Turner, 18, Ashley Owens, 19, and Aveance Bryant, 18, are charged with murder, robbery with a dangerous weapon, and conspiracy to commit robbery.   

Sisters, this is very sad news to hear.   Now, we are living in an age when there are eligible good white men who don't mind dating black women.  In this case, one is murdered and tossed on a stranger's property as though he is nothing.    The victim's family allegedly told his parents were worried how their son would make a good life for himself, because of his handicap, but he became a very successful automotive worker and they were very proud of him.   Respectively, if some of you black women are going to date white men whom possibly love you more than your kindred and treat you better than some black men, do not allow your relatives to misuse, abuse or kill him.   You should make your family respect him how you would want his family to respect you, which is the same with you, treat him how you want to be treated.   Some of you black women whom are dating white men must decide are you dating him for love or money, because if it is for love, it may last, if it because you just want material possessions, something very bad may occur.    As we heard in this report, Michael Shulls was very kind to his girlfriend and on the day of his murder, he picked her up to go shopping, but she got him to give her brother a ride.   Now, if the special man in your life is coming to pick you up to go shopping, do not be so weak to ask him to do anything for any of your friends of relatives, because he is coming to have a good time with you.  Let your family attend to their own business and find another way to get to their destination, not in your man's car. 

In the meantime, we are praying for Michael Shull's family and may he rest in peace. 

Sisters, are you dating a white man and you allow your family to misuse, abuse and you think they may possibly murder him?   If so, you need to ask God to make you a strong Godly woman, one who does not allow her man, whether he is white, black or any other race to be taken advantage of by your relatives.   Do not date a white man, because of what you can get out of him or for anyone else, but date them, because you feel God has connected you with a least one of them and it is for love.   Sisters, if you are not saved, please go straight to our Salvation page and receive Jesus Christ in your life.   God bless you. 

Girlfriend's brother, sister among suspects who killed deaf Conover man 

by DIANA RUGG / NBC Charlotte

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police have arrested the teenage brother and sister of a deaf Conover man’s girlfriend, along with a third teen, for his murder in northwest Charlotte Friday night.

Michael Shull, 21, was found dead in the front yard of a house on Crestdale Drive late Friday, after he...Read full article, here.


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