Friday, December 14, 2012

Black women what a shame, Teacher accused of taping students together

This inexperienced teacher, Sierra Pettway is accused of allegedly taping the forearms of two sixth graders, connecting a boy and girl together, so they would get along.   For some reason in her mind, she thought that was the answer to end their animosity, but obviously the school district did not take it so well.  Think about it sisters, in sixth grade, these are pre-teens and we don't care if they were small children, this sort of cruel discipline is what scars a child for life. 

According to, Sierra Pettway has been charged with two counts of willful abuse of a child in Phenix City.  Now, in her early 20's, her career is ruined and she may never get another chance to teach, again.  However, the humiliation she caused these children is inexcusable. 

As black women, we must learn how to love children and if they are not getting along, there has to be a better way to teach them how to do it.  The answer is not embarrassing and humiliating them in front of other children.  In 6 years, both pre-teens will be 18 years old, it is very scary to think about how they will handle life as a grown person, if they should have difficulty forgetting what happened in Sierra Pettway's classroom.

In the meantime, we pray for these two children and hope they both can forgive their former teacher, Sierra Pettway.   Our prayers also go out to Pettway and we hope she has the courage to ask both of these children and their parents for forgiveness, especially God first.

Teacher accused of taping students together


PHENIX CITY, Ala. -Authorities say an east Alabama teacher is accused of taping together two students who had not been getting along.

The teacher, 24-year-old Sierra Pettway, has been charged with two counts of...Read full article, here.

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