Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Black women, Shalema Gaskin fatally shot in neck outside Brookdale University Hospital

Sisters, this is a mysterious case involving a mother of three who was murdered outside of Brookdale hospital.   Shalema Gaskin, 32, was murdered when she stepped away from her ill daughter who had an asthma attack to smoke a cigarette a 3 a. m. in the morning, according to   This is what we think, since President Obama won his re-election,  suddenly these fatal cases are happening all across the country, someone shoots these lone victims, then drives off just like in the case of the law student, Brandon Woodard.   

This case reminds us of the Los Angeles black man, Brandon Woodard, 31, who was visiting Manhattan.  He was mysteriously stalked for about 40 minutes until his killer shot him dead in the back, then hopped in a getaway car.   We sort of feel like Shalema Gaskin did not know her killer, someone just saw a black woman and just wanted to kill, because they just don't want a black man bi-racial) man to remain in the White House another 4 years.   We feel there could be a conspiracy out against African Americans.  This is why we always try to make sure you black women are saved and have fully surrendered your heart to Jesus Christ, we live in a very dangerous world and although, everyone seems to be okay with diversity, not everyone wants President Obama to remain in the White House.  Now, if you know Souls of Black Women, we always try to remain on a spiritual note, but-we have to be honest with you and inform you what we think about all of these suspicious murders popping up all over the country, we are not crazy and neither is God.   Although, we are born again Christians, we cannot lie and pretend racism does not exist, but the only way to combat it, is by living for Jesus Christ, not saying either of these deceased victims were not saved.  For we cannot live this life without Jesus abiding in us, we need Him each and every day of our lives.

Now, of course, Shalema Gaskin should not have been outside at 3 a. m. in the morning, because if she was not going to be killed, she could have been raped, but-the principle of the thing, when Brandon Woodard was murdered it was in broad daylight. According to, Gaskin was around the back and that entrance is not open at the hour, so this is why we suspect this killer plotted to lure her away from the front entrance, so no one could see him.  One of the thing's we noticed about this gunman walking up behind Brandon on this following video is that he appeared to be black, not sure, but this may his murder may not based on racism.   On the following video, it was allegedly stated his family did not know why he was in New York, so it could have been some shady dealings.   Brandon was once involved with cocaine, but had managed to get his life together and had been studying to be a lawyer.   Allegedly, some people were saying this had to do with some enemies whom were envious of his mother who is a real estate agent, but his step-father says not so.   As you know, some black people can be so trifling and if they are not truly saved, we believe they would kill for a white supremacist.   Whatever the case, we have a black man and now a black woman who were both mysteriously shot to death on the streets in New York city, although we are not saying the two cases are related.

Sisters, before you watch this video clip, regarding Mr. Woodard's case and read the following article, regarding Shalema's death, would you like for Jesus to come into your life?   No matter who does not like us down here on earth, there is a God who created this universe and He wants us all to serve Him.  Therefore, no matter what you have done in your past or no matter who discriminates you as a black woman, you must realize Jesus Christ loves you and is very concerned about you.   If you would like for Jesus to be the ruler in your life and abide in you, so His angels can protect you from evil here on earth, please go straight to our Salvation page.  God bless you and welcome to the body of Christ dear sisters. 

May Shalema Gaskin and Brandon Woodard rest in peace. 

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Woman found fatally shot in neck outside Brookdale University Hospital 

Shalema Gaskin, 32, died as result of injuries; police are searching for suspect. 

Inside a Brooklyn hospital, a young girl was being treated for a serious asthma attack; outside, her mother was mercilessly shot dead during a cigarette break.

Shelama Gaskin had just stepped through the doors of Brookdale University Hospital around 3 a.m. when a mystery gunman fired a...Read full article, here.

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