Friday, December 21, 2012

Black Women, Queens teacher writing children’s book on Superstorm Sandy

You know, a lot of time in order to become successful, it would be a good idea to take what is going on around us and use it to start a lucrative business.   When it comes to business, we are taught to sell what people need and this intelligent teacher from Queens has done so.   Author Marie Barret wrong an inspiring book for kids, "Sandy Can't Get Me Down."  In our opinion, she created these children's books to help these kids, not necessarily focused on money.

Sisters, look around you and what is going on in this nation.  As black women, what do you think you can change through a business idea?   What do you think you can create to help other people like Author Marie Barret is helping these young children who experienced Superstorm Sandy?  Many of you black women are very smart, you do not have to be a teacher like this author, but you could become a business woman, giving hope to other (black) women, children, or people in general whom are caught in disastrous situation.   This Queens teacher should inspire all of us to innovate something that will inspire people.  Barret created these children's books to take away fear of hurricanes, according to

Queens teacher writing children’s book on Superstorm Sandy

A Long Island City teacher is collecting the stories of brave children on the Rockaway peninsula and weaving them into a book of hope.

Author Marie Barret, who teaches at Public School 111, said she decided to write the book, titled “Sandy Can’t Get Me Down,” after hearing children...Read full article, here.

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