Thursday, December 6, 2012

Black Women, Public Advocate Bill de Blasio married to black woman who was a lesbian in the 1970s

Praise God black women, this is a testimony of Chirlane McCray, the wife of public advocate Bill de Blasio who admits she was a lesbian back in the 70's before she met her husband.  Let us tell you sisters something, if this is how God matches us up these days, we praise Him for it, because anything is better than being with a woman and enduring such hatred for being an ex-lesbian from our own race.   We have heard too many alleged stories of some black women being hurt by women much worse than men and also, the persecution they endure by some black churches that do not believed God saved them from homosexuality, enough is enough.  

Sisters, it is time to do it God's way and if it means accepting a white man to share our lives with, then so be it.   God would rather that than our sisters enduring persecution by our own families and the black church just because we may have been gay at one time in our lives.

Praise God for a new generation of white men and ex-lesbian black women coming together, because we tell you if there are white men who can understand black women better than some black men, thank God for it.    You want to be able to be comfortable to testify about what God saved you from, you do not need anyone beating you over the head for what you used to do.  In our opinion, Chirlane McCray would not have had a black man to love her like Bill de Blasio, because in our race there is a more broader discrimination against lesbians than it is against gay men in our race, allegedly.  It seems like alleged gay men whom could be in the closet like Bishop Eddie Long are more honored by both many black men and black women and then the ones out of the closet are popular because some of them are so flamboyant and funny to many black women with their effeminate ways.  However, you let a black woman admit she has been a lesbian to a black man, in most cases, he nor his family will not accept her, which has been going on for many years.  Therefore, because of this ancient prejudice, we think God could be matching up more ex-lesbian black women with white men or with other races of men.

Sisters, don't you know God is tired of some down low men who stand in the pulpit and talk bad about black lesbians while they preach against it?  As black women, don't you realize God is tired of some in the closet gay black men whom frown down on some of are sisters whom have been saved from homosexuality, but condemned by some them as though they have never touched a man?    Sisters, if you find a white man, a good-looking Latino or Asian man, we think God would understand that much better than being with the same sex.   The truth is, many times the same sex does not understand as you think they should and this is the deception of the Devil, because he wants each and every soul of a black woman in eternal hell.    Let us be real with you, this beloved couple, Bill de Blasio and Chirlane McCray could be revealing what God wants in order to get our sisters whom may have been gay to embrace a white man or any other race whom will understand black women who have been lesbians much better than their own kind.   Another thing, many black women turn out to be lesbians, because some of us are hated by the men in our families and are not desired by some black men, but God certainly has a better plan for our sisters and marriage like Blasio and McCray's seems to be the best option. 

In the meantime, our prayers are with this lovely couple, Bill de Blasio and Chirlane McCray.  It is so wonderful they have been married since 1991.

Public Advocate Bill de Blasio married to woman who was out and proud in the 1970s

City Council Speaker Christine Quinn won’t be the only mayoral hopeful who can make a personal appeal to gay voters next year.

While Quinn is running a historic campaign to become the city’s first lesbian mayor, Public Advocate Bill de Blasio is married to a woman who was out and proud in the 1970s.

De Blasio’s wife, Chirlane McCray, penned a seven-page article for Essence magazine in 1979 titled “I Am a Lesbian” that detailed...Read full article, here.

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Source and Photo:
Photo: Egan-Chin,Debbie New York Daily


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