Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Black women, Man Faces Premeditated Murder Charge Following Death of a Miramar Woman

Sisters, this is another case involving a mother of two kids, Shuneeque Shawntrell Jones, 38, who was stabbed to death by this 24 year-old guy, Emile Leon Senghor.   Senghor was so cruel, he dragged her out in the middle of the street and stabbed her in broad daylight.  We are so tired of giving you the headlines of so many black women dying before their time, but it is time for you to realize this is an evil day we are living in, cold-blooded killers have no regard for human life.

As we end this year of 2012, it is scary to admit what is to come, because many of our sisters do not take us seriously when we encourage them to love and care for each other.   It is time for us to seek God more than ever before.   Sisters, God wants our souls, if nobody else cares about us. Do you know how valuable our souls are to the Kingdom of God?   Jesus, values us so much, even when it seems our closet friends turn their backs on us.  Now, we are not saying our dear sister,  Shuneeque Shawntrell Jones did not know Christ, but for the rest of you whom are still alive, Souls of Black Women want to make sure you realize how important you are to Him.   Once you realize that fact and start serving Him, then there is no way no demon in hell can try and take your life.   In 2012, many of our people are just as cruel as white supremacists, it is no longer just an issue of our race being attacked by another race who does not like us, but in many cases our own race resents us.   Therefore, the only way to avoid this evil we face from all races black women, is to turn to Jesus Christ and ask for His angels to encamp around us, day and night. 

In the meantime, we will be praying for Shuneeque Shawntrell Jones' family.   Also, we pray for Emile Leon Senghor to repent and give his heart to Jesus Christ before it is everlasting too late.   Our prayers are with the family of this precious mother, Jones who was also engaged to be married.

Sisters, if you would like for Jesus to come into your life, rush to our Salvation page.  When things get hard, please do not stop serving the Lord, for He never promised our life would be easy, after we accept Him in our lives.  We must make a vow to serve Him until the day we go to heaven.   If this is you, please go straight to our Salvation page now and welcome to the true body of Christ.

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Man Faces Premeditated Murder Charge Following Fatal Miramar Stabbing: Cops 

A 24-year-old man was arrested for premeditated murder following the fatal stabbing of a Miramar woman, authorities said.

Emile Leon Senghor was arrested Monday and was held in jail...Read full article, here.

Source and Photo: NBCMiami.com



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