Monday, December 10, 2012

Black women, HuffPost Beauty Editor Allegedly 'Violated' By TSA Because Of Her Hairstyle

Sisters, we just watched this interesting video from Huffington Post, regarding their beauty editor admitting how she was allegedly violated by TSA, because of her natural hairstyle.   We do not know how many of you reading this article can relate to her experience, but really this is a very serious issue and it is nothing nice.   As black women, we have the right to speak out against any sort of racial discrimination and if TSA is doing this, there needs to be a group of us uniting to take a stand against their degrading practices. 

Now, Dana Oliver informed Huffington Post readers that it was not the first time she endured such humiliation.   Then, another black woman from Los Angeles, Thembi Ford allegedly admits she went through the same thing and does not think TSA agents have the right to mess with our hair, because we carry a lot of pride and of course, there is a lot of historical issues of shame.   Therefore, they make it worst for us, by searching through our naturally kinky Afros.   Oliver and Ford are two brave black women who are not afraid to call it what it is, racial discrimination.   The Bible clearly says, our hair is our glory in1 Corinthians 11:15, so we should have the right to wear it without being unhappy about this TSA issue that degrades and disrespects black women.   Furthermore, if we want to wear it naturally kinky, that is our right, because God made it that way.  We should not have to straighten it out every time we go on a plane ride, for fear of a TSA agent messing with it.   Our hair is just as beautiful as a white woman's head of hair and just like she enjoys peace with her strands, so should we with nice wooly hair. Also, just like any other person who admitted they were sexually violated by a TSA agent, then we should have a right to also complain about them messing with our hair.  

In the meantime, we want to encourage all of you black women whom are not ashamed to be black and are very courageous about issues that offend us as a whole to not allow TSA agents to disrespect you.  For when they disrespect you, they are also disrespecting your mother, grandmother, every woman in your bloodline and all the rest of us black women.  It is one thing to vow not to allow it to occur, but it is another thing to take action and it does not mean you are being militant, it means that you expect respect for being the black woman God created you to be. Each and every black women should be equal to any other race of  a woman and one meaning of equality is being able to enjoy  who we are a being black, naturally.  

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Dana Oliver, HuffPost Beauty Editor, Says She Was 'Violated' By TSA Because Of Her Hairstyle (VIDEO) 

Huffington Post Style's Beauty Editor Dana Oliver appeared on HuffPost Live to discuss an incident in which she believes she was singled out by airport security simply because of her hairstyle.

"I felt absolutely violated, standing there shoeless," she told host Nancy Redd. "Without being asked to, you know, have this done in privacy, I had a TSA agent actually go ahead and...Read full article, here.

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