Thursday, December 27, 2012

Black women, how could Brooklyn teacher's aide tell 10 boys to beat up 6-year-old girl?

We are definitely living in a crazy era when we hear of a teacher's aide ordering 10 boys to beat up this 6-year-old girl, K’Mani Smith.  Kariska Smith allegedly claims no one did anything when she complained about what happened to her little girl. The teacher was a male, so this proves how much we as black women are hated, even when we are young girls. 

Something is wrong for any school official to order 10 boys to beat up K'mani, we do not care if it had of been one boy punching her, it is crazy to do such a thing.   It is bad enough teachers across the nation are already getting in trouble for sexually abusing kids.   This guy needs to be charged with assault, although we agree with Kariska Smith for filing a lawsuit.   According to, Smith says Ferrone Malone began dragging her daughter back to the classroom and the group of boys watching the action were “instigated and directed” by Malone to punch her, according to the civil complaint.   Isn't that just like back in slavery days, when all black people were beaten by their slave-masters?    

We are powerful black women, we cannot continue to leave it up to school officials to handle their disputes, because evidently, they do not always do their jobs to discipline their employees.   For every problem within the school system that allows abuse against our young black girls like K'mani Smith, there should be an organization founded by black women to protect them.

In the meantime, we will pray for K'mani and her mother, Kariska Smith.  Also, we pray that she receives compensation she deserves when this case goes to court.

Brooklyn teacher's aide orders 10 boys to beat up a 6-year-old girl, mother says

A Brooklyn teacher’s aide ordered a group of about 10 boys to pummel a 6-year-old girl in an elementary school stairwell, according to a lawsuit filed against the city.

The child’s mother, Kariska Smith, said she was outraged that no disciplinary action was taken against the aide or the kids who punched...Read full article, here.

Source and Photo:
Photo: Jesse Ward/for New York Daily News


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