Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Black women, Former prosecutor wants Tawana Brawley to Pay $429,000

If you read our previous article, regarding the Louisiana black woman, Sharmeka Moffitt who was allegedly accused of faking her story that she was burned by white supremacists, you will recall us going back in time with the story of Tawana Brawley.   Now, we observed the two cases, because in our opinion, they both were identical.   Back in 1987, Tawana Brawley allegedly accused some police officers whom she claimed were white supremacists of raping her, smearing her naked body with feces and then, leaving her to die.   If she or Moffitt is using their allegations against alleged white supremacists to get attention, then they both need serious psychiatric treatment.

As black women, we all may have done or said things to get attention from our parents, but just to fake being raped and make headlines as being brutally attacked by police officers, is really absolutely insane  Is it possibly, Tawana Brawley or even Moffitt could have made up the story?   Absolutely, yes, we think it is a great possibility, they could be both liars whom feel they were deprived of getting attention of their parents.    It has repeatedly happened time and time again and it has nothing to do with being a black woman, there are all sorts of people whom will lie on other people to get attention.  Lying on who Brawley accused of being white supremacists could have caused a big divide within this country between whites and blacks.    

Sisters, let us be smart and look at all the facts, investigators allegedly stated, there was no factual evidence of Tawana Brawley being raped.   Also, years ago on the Donahue show, Brawley's ex-boyfriend allegedly said she made the whole story up, because she did not like her step-father and she wanted to get attention from her mother.  Now, how many times have we heard this sort of mess.   It just does not happen in white families, spoiled kids doing or saying whatever they can to get attention, in black families it happens all the time.  

At first, we did not believe Brawley nor Moffitt would go so far to lie, but now, because of lack of factual evidence, anything fabricated story is possible.   It is good to always tell the truth about how we feel and we are honest to admit, people do lie to get attention.

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Now pay up, Tawana

’87 smear victim is looking to collect

Start watching your pennies, Tawana.

Twenty-five years after a teenage Tawana Brawley falsely dragged his name through the mud as a gang-raping, kidnapping racist, it’s payback time for Steven Pagones, a former Dutchess County prosecutor whom she still owes $429,000, including interest, on a 1998 defamation judgment.

“In all these years, she’s never told the truth about this hoax or paid me a cent,” he...Read full article, here. 

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