Thursday, December 13, 2012

Black Women, Brandon Woodard murder case could be drug related

Sisters, this is just an update to inform you that we no longer think Brandon Woodard's case has anything to do with racism like in the case of Shalema Gaskin.  We think it could be drug-related, although he managed to get his life together after years ago being involved with cocaine possession.    Now, as we have already learned this 31-year-old man had enrolled in law school, but one of the investigators over the case says, he had three cell phones and did not tell his family he left or why he went to New York.   It seems like Brandon Woodard was living a double life and had returned to the fast life, he once let go.

The investigator in Brandon Woodard's murder case also says this was a definite hit, which is what you will hear on the following video. The bullet shells found at the scene are allegedly connected to a drive by shooting case two years ago.

In the case of Shalema Gaskin, we sure hope and pray they find the killer, this hurts us so much another black woman is gone before her time.   In 2012, we have had our share of hearing enough stories about black women coming up dead, all sorts of ways.

In the case of Shalema Gaskin, we do feel like it could have been a case of racism, we are not sure.  Then, on the other hand, possibly this is just a serial killer going around killing people and the reason why we say that is because of the previous case involving the pregnant bride found dead in her home. The killer left a note by her body, promising he would kill again.

Regardless of the suspicious double life Brandon Woodard lived, may he rest in peace and our prayers are with his family.

Also, may Shalema Gaskin rest in peace.

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