Sunday, December 2, 2012

Black women, black couple attacked in New York pizzeria by angry employees over Obama's re-election

Sisters, this black couple was attacked at this New York pizzeria by two brothers, Frank and Michael Meringolo who worked there.  They allegedly were very angry about President Obama's reelection.  Although, we think of racial discrimination as a spiritual issue, do not be surprise if Souls of Black women discuss certain incidents that involves racism, sometimes.  Now, after the Trayvon Martin case, there was another case in Florida that involved another young black man shot to death, pretty soon diversity may not be so prevalent in America, especially since some African Americans like his mother (below photo) of the Jordan Russell Davis who allegedly denies her son died of a hate crime.  Weakness to speak against what is not right may put white supremacists in a more dominant position, regardless of President Obama being in the White House.

Now, we do not know if  Jordan Russell Davis' mother does not identify with being black or she is just scared of what white supremacists will do to her, but we disagree that her son's death has nothing to do with racism.  For this reason, a black couple was just attacked at a New York pizzeria.  They allegedly say two white men allegedly angrily threw salt and pepper shakers at them, raging, 'N..., this is for Obama!'   Now, this occurred after Willie and Alfie Marshall complained about their pizza.  Therefore, we may not like how some of our brothers and sisters may mistreat us, but as strong christian black women, we have to be honest that racism is still very much alive.  However, the only way to conquer it, is for our race to turn to Jesus Christ, the answer is not merging civil rights with alleged sin (homosexuality), according to the Word of God.  The  difference in dealing with racism in this era and years ago, is very vivid. The majority of African Americans were afraid to oppose God's Word against sin and would not be caught mingling with certain communities; nowadays, many have followed other gods and accepted the immoral belief systems with other races, even after AIDS has killed our race the most.  Think about it, christian black women, how can our race combat racial discrimination in unity, when some have agreed to merge their race with civil rights for homosexuals?   As long as there is rebellion against God and His commandments we will forever witness racism.  However, we cannot lie and say it does not exist or not call a hate crime what it is.

Now, this black couple, Willie and Alfie Marshall are being honest to admit what happened to them and as you can see, this is why they have some people whom are joining them to speak out about what happened.   The Marshalls family pastor is planning to have a peaceful march in front of the pizzeria, next week.  

In the meantime, we will continue to pray for Willie and Alfie Marshall, including the mother of  Jordan Russell Davis, Lucia McBath who allegedly does not admit her son's death was a result of a hate crime.

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African American couple 'ATTACKED in pizzeria by employees who were angry about Obama's re-election'

 By John Clarke

A couple's trip to a New York pizza place last week that erupted into racially-charged hate crime has resulted in a planned protest, a potential lawsuit and criminal charges. 

According to reports, Willie and Alfie Marshall were visiting Paesano II Pizza in Greenlawn, New York last Saturday when a complaint about the food escalated into an all out brawl with blood spilled, and racial slurs hurled along with salt and...Read full article, here.


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