Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Vanessa Coleman gang rape, torture and murder of young couple faces retrial: Black women, God will give you another chance

Originally, Vanessa Coleman was facing the death penalty, but evidently God gave her another chance for life.  She was accused of being involved with a fatal crime of a young white couple in 2007, but she was acquitted of kidnapping, rape and murder of Mr. Newsom.   Because she was the only female and the other accused murderers were three men, we feel the jury saw how she was being possibly lured to be an accomplice to the crime.   As black women, we should comprehend how some of our sisters feel vulnerable while in the presence of three black males who took charge of this hideous crime to occur. 

According to Mail Online the retrials of three other defendants in the case - Lemaricus 'Slim' Davidson (left), Letalvis 'Rome' Cobbins (centre) and George 'G' Thomas (right), are on hold for the moment. 

No, we may not can understand how Vanessa Coleman could be caught up in such a fatal circumstance, but there seems to be an indication that she may not have known what she was facing while with the other three male defendants.  If she knew what the other three defendants were about to do, possibly she would have escaped witnessing the double homicide.  Therefore, God acknowledges what actually took place or He would not have allowed our dear sister to avoid the death penalty and even doing 53 years in prison, if she was guilty of the crime.   According to Mail Online, the double jeopardy rule protects  her, which means Coleman cannot be retried in Mr Newsom's case and prosecutors can no longer seek the death penalty, reported the Knoxville News Sentinel. 

Now, we do not make excuses for alleged criminals, but God gives us common sense to evaluate certain situations. As gruesome this crime is, God forgives this woman, if she has repented for her alleged crime.  You may think Coleman should be responsible for her part in the double homicide, but God has His way of giving our sisters another chance.   Now, for some odd reason God allowed the judge in the case, Judge Richard Baumgartner to be allegedly accused of having sex and buying drugs during court breaks, which called for a retrial.   Again, no matter the crime or the retrial she must now face, God is still in control of this case and if He sees fit, she will be given freedom.  You may think we are being lenient with Coleman, but again, we must examine what could have happened when she was with these three men and as being the only woman, in our opinion, she was powerless.   

Black women, we do not know if you are reading this article from jail while waiting trial or even in prison doing serious time, but if you are, please know God loves you and will accept you, regardless of the criminal charges that is brought against you.   We encourage you to turn your life over to the Lord and repent for whatever you have done.  It does not matter whom does not except you within society, that's not important, the only relevance is if you have gotten your soul right with God.   Have you gotten your soul right with Jesus Christ, dear sister?  If not, please go straight to our Salvation page now and accept Jesus Christ into your life.  Maybe you are an ex-convict, as black women, you already know how Satan tries to come up against us through people, so you must serve God.   Forget about your record, He already knows about your criminal history, the thing you need to do now is use it to win lost souls for Jesus Christ, use it as a testimony.   So dear sister, are you ready to be saved and put your past behind you?  If so, please go straight to our Salvation page and humbly give your soul to Jesus Christ.  Welcome to the body of Christ and God bless you.

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Woman who was part of rape and torture gang who killed young couple faces retrial after judge turns out to be drug addict who was having sex during court breaks

 By Mark Duell

A retrial is set to start next week for a woman convicted over a horrific double murder case that saw a 21-year-old student tortured and raped before having bleach poured over her mutilated genitals to try to hid the crime.

The new trial was ordered in Knox County, Tennessee, after a probe found the married judge was having sex and buying drugs during court breaks...

Source and Photo: http://www.dailymail.co.uk

Source and Video: http://www.wate.com


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