Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Valdosta State University Student Found Dead: Black women, what happened to Jasmine Benjamin?

Sisters, this 17-year-old nursing student, Jasmine Benjamin was found dead and her parents did not find out about it, until someone posted the news on Facebook.   Because Jasmine's parents were not contacted by Valdosta State University and their daughter had been dead for 12 hours, police are now calling Jasmine's case a murder homicide.

We as intelligent black women know something is extremely fishy about Jasmine's murder case.   So we ask you sisters, who killed this young lady,  Jasmine?

We agree with Jasmine's parents that the University owes them answers.  Just because it was Thanksgiving weekend does not mean Mr. and Mrs. Jackson should not have been  notified about their daughter's death and they should not have had to find out about it on Facebook.  What is even more disturbing, is that she had been found dead in the study area of the dorm and investigators allegedly say it seems as though her body was moved.   Now, who moved Jasmine's body as though they would fool police?   Also, who posted the news about her death on Facebook and how did they find out about Jasmine's death?  You know, black women it seems like since some social networks have been around, they seem to have been used as tools to commit evil. Although, we enjoy using computers, this era of often finding out about someone dying after meeting someone on Facebook or any other social network, bullying or even postings that hurt good people like Jasmine's parents is certainly not good.   Really, in order to stop all of these senseless crimes, if we could turn back the time without the internet, life would be so much better, although less convenient.

May Jasmine Benjamin rest in peace, she would have been 18 years old this coming Saturday.
Also, we pray her murderer is found and convicted.  We hope her parents really think about filing a lawsuit against Valdosta State University.
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Source, Photo and Video: http://www.cbsatlanta.com


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