Monday, November 26, 2012

Update: Sterling Heights man charged in 'Backpage' Escort murders


Sisters, this is an update, regarding the 'Backpage' Escort murders.  James Brown is the Sterling Height man charged in the 'Backpage Escort murders.    These murders were for four black women in Detroit who allegedly placed ads and were killed after meeting Brown.  For all four deceased black women,  24-year-old Demesha Hunt, 23-year-old Renisha Landers, Natasha Curtis and Vernithea McCrary, he will have to either face four life sentences and possibly even more charges.

Sisters, we wonder why some strange men haunt their victims, regardless if they were escorts, street prostitutes, strippers or just hard-working citizens?  We always have certain civil rights activists complaining about the white supremacists killing our people, but really, there is too much hatred within our own race.  No, these four black women should not have been allegedly placing ads for escort services, but-it is wrong for this defendant, full of rage to have murdered them.   The world is too evil for any of us black women to even risk our lives, thinking we will come back home, after one night of meeting strangers.   This is very sad, we love all four of these victims so much, we wish we could bring them back, but life just does not work that way. 

For the rest of you sisters, we beg you to just take one step at a time and do not ever think about risking your life for some quick cash.  Life is too precious, something God gives us to live one time.   If no one cares about you in your race, please care about yourself and most of all, realize God loves you.  Yes, we may struggle to pay bills from time to time, but life is too precious to risk our lives to make sure they are all paid.   God will make a way for all black women, if we continue to choose righteousness, but we also have to trust Him no matter how hard life may get.   It is stressful to think about all the debts we may owe, but it is better to financially struggle than to reap death and afterwards there is judgement, we cannot pay for our lives back.  Once we die, that's it.

Sisters, if you feel stressed out and you thought about placing ads for escort services or even thought about becoming a stripper, we want to invite you to go straight to our Salvation page.   Jesus loves you and  it does not matter if you are poor, God will provide and will protect you, if you choose to serve Him.  God bless you dear sisters and welcome to the true body of Christ.

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Sterling Heights man charged in 'Backpage' murder case

STERLING HEIGHTS, Mich. (AP) -- A man who authorities say killed four women in December 2011, locked their bodies in car trunks and abandoned them in Detroit has been charged with murder, prosecutors announced Monday.

James Brown, 24, of Sterling Heights in suburban Detroit, faces four counts of murder and other charges in the deaths. He was in court Monday morning in Sterling Heights for an arraignment on four counts of...Read full article, here.



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