Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Update: Jessica Tata sentenced to 80 years in prison

Sisters, this is an update regarding Jessica Tata who was charged with murder for four infants.   She has been sentenced to 80 years in prison and is eligible for parole in 30 years.   Now, the state must decide if there will be further trials, because this was just for one child.   The good part a part it is, one of the grandparents mentioned forgiveness before hugging Jessica Tata's mother.

Now, one of the things we want you to realize is this, life is not over for Jessica Tata.   When our sisters go to prison, they become suicidal, whether they committed a crime on purpose or by mistake.  Therefore, we must hold her up in prayer.   Yes, four little lives are gone, but not really, they all are in a much better place, heaven.   Now, Jessica Tata must think about them while living in her cell for many more years to come.   However, like many other black women serving hard time in prison, she must not give up and continue to seek God, because if not, there is a worst place.  This is why we encourage each and every last one of you to not give up, no matter how hard life can be and no matter what you have done in your past.   It is very important for each and ever last one of us to not only learn from Tata, but to realize we must not forget black women in prison.   We have got more work to do sisters and that is to love our sisters no matter what.   If some black women whom are free do not want our love, then believe us, there are many more in prison like Jessica Tata who need it and will appreciate it.  So, let us pray for Jessica Tata and have faith God will not only save her, but someday give her another chance for freedom.

For the rest of you whom have been incarcerated and feel nobody loves you, because you made a mistake, we offer you Jesus Christ.  The door is open to salvation, if you want it, but you have to make a choice, because God will not force you to serve Him.   In our society, so many times people like to judge you based on your past, but sister, God is a deliverer and to Him, your past is dead.   Your past conviction or sin is irrelevant in the Kingdom of God, the only thing He wants is your soul.  Therefore, when people bring up your past, ignore them, walk on and serve Jesus.  Would you like to be saved?   Would you like for Jesus to give you the love this world is so selfish to give you, just because you may have committed a crime or sinned against God?  If so, please rush to our salvation page and humbly surrender your soul to Jesus Christ.  Welcome to the body of Christ, dear sisters.

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Day care worker who abandoned children and went to Target sentenced to 80 YEARS after four toddlers died in a fire 

By Associated Press

The Texan day care worker who left young children in her house while she went on a shopping trip to Target was today sentenced to 80 years in jail after four of the children died and three others were injured when a fire started in her home.

On Tuesday, Houston jurors sentenced 24-year-old Jessica Tata to 80 years in prison for the death of one of the children...Read full article, here.

Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk

Photo: AP

Video: http://abclocal.go.com


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