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Tiara Stevens Impregnated By Father who Only Spends1-Year In Jail: Black women, although your are an incest survivor Jesus still loves you

Tiara Johnson, 27, opened up and discussed how she was impregnated with a son by her father, Fred Lee Montgomery, 47.  There are many of you sisters out there who are incest survivors, but you cover it up and do not free yourself, because you are afraid of what others will think of you.   Just because you survived incest reveals how much Jesus Christ loves and cares about you.   Often times, you may not open up, simply because other black women have been so cruel to you in your family, because they criticize your past incestuous relationship or whatever sexual flaws you may have overcame.   

There are some black women who can be very prejudice and hypocritically ignorant when it comes to the issue of incest or any other sexual matters.   However, this is one reason why many of our sisters are troubled, because whenever they have tried to be honest about their past and help other people, not only some black men will persecute you, but also some black women.  This sort of severe persecution has also occurred so often within the black church.  This is one of the main reasons why the African American race is yet oppressed by some white supremacists and some other prejudice races, simply because there have been so much hypocrisy and prejudice within the race.  Most of the time, the black woman is the blame of what happens to her.  Now, Tiara Johnson claims her family has been very supportive of her, which is very rare.   We have heard of so many other previous stories that involved families whom were not supportive of black women whom were victims of incest or other abnormal sexual lifestyles.  This is why the majority of the black race has been so dysfunctional and not respected within our American society, although other races have also committed incest or any other unnatural sex.   We want you to know throughout the history of the black race whenever black women like Tiara were disrespected, this is the very reason why there has not been much unity among black people.   For instance, when you weakened the black woman, just because she was sexually violated or took part in all sorts of other sexuality, then there could never be much strength among black people as a whole.  

Sisters, you must realize no matter whom has oppressed, neglected and excluded you, whether the cruel judgmental haters were family or acquaintances, Jesus still loves you and He does not care who had sex with you.  Once you become a born again Christian, He blots out all of your sins.  Some of you left Christ, simply because of the way you were mistreated by those whom claim to love you, after they found out about your past.  Some of you do not believe in God, simply because you were sexually violated by your father, brother, uncle or cousin and they were supposed to be men of God, preaching His Word.   Some of you do not believe in God, simply because when your mother found out about your sexual affair with your relative, she turned her back on you and discussed your business to other family members or to church people.  It is a disgrace as to why so many black women have turned away from God and feel emotionally distressed on a daily basis and the very reason why is simply, because many of you are hated, although you are a victim, whether incest happened as a child or even as an adult when a male relative took sexually advantage of you never having a father.  Of course, we are not making excuses for anyone, but when a woman does not have a father in her life or she has a father in her life, but a male relative takes advantage to make it okay to have sex with her, he was still responsible for sexually violating her.   Incest is very wrong, but black women have survived it all types of ways, and after God blesses our dear sisters to survive such a painful sexual past, sometimes some black men in the family still try to take advantage and repeat the cycle.  This may not have happened in Tiara's case, but we have heard of this repeated cycle, time and time again.  The only way the black community is ever going to heal, is for black women to love and care for black women like Tiara and stop acting like they are so perfect, because this type of mess goes on in every family, it is just not talked about. 

Fred Lee Montgomery may get out in 1 year, but the fact remains he needs psychological and spiritual help.   Another thing, if he dies without Jesus, where will he spend eternity?  Those of us whom deal in ministry realize there are a lot of prisoners yet spending hard time in jail, but they do not know Jesus and prison has not necessarily made them better people, for there is a demon of lust trapped inside of them and the only way to be free is through Jesus Christ.  Therefore, no matter how many of us black women may have been hurt by black men in the family, we must continue to learn to realize and accept reality, there is a demonic world and there are real demons who controls some black men like Fred.  Yes, of course, he knew what he was doing and we are not blaming the Devil for his actions; however, if some black fathers or other men in the family like Fred do not get saved, they are turned over to do things unseemly, just like the Bible states in Romans 1:28, 'And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not proper.'  Now most people think that scripture is just for homosexuals, it is for anything that is abnormal or displeasing in the eyes of God. Fred Montgomery obviously did not surrender his life to the Lord Jesus Christ and this is why he yielded to the demonic spirit to molest his daughter.   Therefore, in order to stop this ancient demonic activity of lust in many black families, there must be a total surrender to God among all black men and black women.  Furthermore, some black fathers like Fred Montgomery are the very ones whom put down black women Tiara, simply because they are the ones who were the caused it.  Think about it sisters, many black women may have never been a lesbian if some black men in their families would not have continued to verbally, sexually or physically abused them.  In some or many cases, many of our sisters have been turned off by men, simply because of the disrespect in the black family by male relatives and the women whom support and nurture them, no matter  what they have done to hurt us.

As you know, Souls of Black Women does not avoid discussing any subject, because we realize the very reason why a lot of you sisters are hurting.  If we don't deal with these sort of painful issues and just continue to publish articles that are to entertain you, you will never be healed, emotionally and spiritually.   The more black women refuse to deal with the issue and shun strong women like Tiara Stevens, that's the more hate will be among us and God does not like it.  Therefore, if you like to live your life like these sort of things do not happen and continue to act as though you and your family is so perfect, then Souls of Black Women is not for you, because we are real black women who deal with real issues and we do not hide any issue that has kept us down as a whole. In the meantime, we will keep Tiara Stevens and her son in our prayers.  

We also pray that her father, Mr. Montgomery gets saved and repents for what he has done to his daughter.  

Sisters again, please realize God loves you.  If you are an incest survivor and feel like you have no purpose in life, we want you to know you have come to the right place on the internet.  Would you like for Jesus to show you real love?  Maybe your father or another male relative in your family sexually violated you, simply because they knew you did not have a father, you need to give your life over to the Lord.  You may think God does not love you, but He had nothing to do with what happened to you.  God loves you so much more than anyone in this world.   You may blame God for what happen to you, but your father or male relative did not serve Him and this is why they were turned over to a demon of perversion to molest you.   Do not blame or be angry at God dear sisters, but instead praise Him for surviving incest, rape or any other sexual perverted lifestyle.  No matter who judges you, God loves you no matter what.   It is people who like to hold your past against you, not God.   Therefore, if you need God, please rush to our Salvation page and humbly accept Him into your life.  Welcome to the body of Christ.

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 Watch Video

Full Interview: Tiara Stevens Impregnated By Father And He Only Gets 1-Year In Jail For Molestation! [Video]

By Bossip Staff

Fred Lee Montgomery, 47, pleaded guilty to second-degree criminal sexual conduct with a minor in a Lancaster County courtroom Monday morning. A judge sentenced him to 15 years in prison, but suspended all but one year.

Tiara Stevens, 27, who was only 13 years old when she gave birth...Read full article, here.

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