Thursday, November 8, 2012

Teen's Body of Alicia Moore Found In Discarded Trunk: Black women, could this because of President Obama's winning a second time?

Sisters, we just got the news that the body of the missing Texas teen, Alicia Moore has been found in a trunk on the side of Highway 47.   As black women, although we endure such persecution within our own race, we cannot help but ask you could this be because President Obama has won election, twice.  Could white supremacists be angry and now acting out?   Now, we are not sure the exact time Moore went missing, but according to a Texas radio Talk show host, Robert Ashley, it was allegedly 3 days ago when she did not return home from school.

According to Ashley and someone allegedly saw Alicia Moore getting off a school bus Now, we are not telling you this to frighten you, but as black women make very sure you are saved and covered with the blood of Jesus, because although we may endure prejudice, molestation and rape within our own race, the fact remains, there are still some white supremacists whom think President Obama has no right to be in the White House. We do not know for sure if this has to do with racial discrimination, but it is mighty strange these cases of black women and black men coming up missing, found burned or dead are suddenly happening in southern states.  However, there is always a spiritual answer.  To be honest with you, if more African Americans were in full submission to the Holy Spirit, we would not still be enduring the same old racial discrimination in the 21st century, but many of our people do not believe in Jesus Christ and have been willing to merge civil rights with homosexuality, for instance.  Speaking of the merging civil rights with homosexuality, let's see if the gay community marches with the black race if this case should turn out to be racism, we doubt it.  You see the trick of the enemy with is twisted civil rights issue?  As we have told you before, racism will not ever cease, no matter how many bi-racial couples there are until there more African Americans get more serious with God and seek Him.  As our Word tell us in II Cor. 7:14, 'If my people, who are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.'  

Now, we are not saying Alicia Moore or her mother did not necessarily know Jesus Christ, but for the rest of you black women, even if the majority of the race rebels against God's Word and chooses not to serve Him, you must make sure you make up in your own mind to accept Him.  History repeats itself, simply because the voice of God is being ignored by some African Americans whom do not desire to live holy, according to God Word.  It is so obvious Satan has got an agenda for black people, specifically, because our ancestors were the only ones enslaved in America. Having a black man in the White House is irrelevant to the Kingdom of God, the important thing is that each and every person fully yields to Jesus Christ before it is everlasting too late.   We can march behind Rev. Al Sharpton until Jesus comes, but if we as black women do not submit to His will and His way we will miss the rapture if He should return now.   So sisters, would you like to be saved and be protected by the blood of Jesus?   If you would like Jesus to come into your life, please go straight to our Salvation page now and welcome to the true body of Christ.

May Alicia Moore rest in peace and we are praying for her mother and family.

Alicia Moore Missing: Teen's Body Found In Discarded Trunk 

by David Lohr 
A body found in a trunk along a remote stretch of Texas highway has been positively identified as that of missing Greenville teen Alicia Chanta Moore, police said.

A construction crew discovered Moore's body at about 12 p.m. Tuesday in a furniture trunk along Highway 47. The body...Read full article, here.

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