Thursday, November 15, 2012

Pontiac woman, Tanisha McDaniel fatally shot after interrupting home invasion: Black women, be careful and protect your home

A 33-year-old woman, Tanisha McDaniel was shot and killed when she faced her killers whom were about to make a run with some electronics.   McDaniel had just arrived home and did not know it would be her last time alive when there was an obvious confrontation. After killing Tanisha, the killers took off with her car that has been found a mile away.  McDaniel's husband of one year found her dead and immediately called police. 

Sisters, it is so hurting how we as black women always try to be proud of who we are by remaining in an area where it is nice and still in the midst of our own race, but because some choose to be evil, there is no point in living there. 

Now this may look like a nice neighborhood, but the problem with black dominated cities is that there are no real suburbs.  You can go in areas they call the suburbs in the outskirts of Detroit, Chicago, Atlanta, Oakland (CA.), but sisters, the reality is, there will never be any peace around our own people, simply because some of them do not mind taking and not working for anything.  It is hard to change the nature of some people whom insist on remaining in the thug life.  Tanisha McDaniel and her husband Valdez probably were trying to enjoy being in a decent neighborhood they could afford, but when the ghetto is not far, there will always be some gangsters whom have no respect for upright citizens.  We can work hard to build our own suburbs all we want, but there will always be some ignorant people whom are envious and do not mind killing you for your possessions. 

If Tanisha's husband was entering the home with his wife, he possibly would have been dead too. It is very sad to admit, but it does not help to have a man living with you, you must make very sure your home is safe and secure, so no one will get hurt.   There used to be a time when thugs were afraid to face the presence of a man, but these days, when they are armed they do not mind shooting the husband and wife. So, we do not believe she would have been protected if Valdez was present.  If the entrance to your rear patio or backyard is not secure, anyone can break into your house.   Black women, we want you to be careful and make your home extra secure, no matter where you live.   These armed thieves entered through the rear of the McDaniel's home by cutting open the screen of a window.   Sisters, even if your husband does not think it is necessary to pay for extra security, because the neighborhood seems safe, please ignore him and pay for your home to be secured with more than one alarm.   Now, of course, we do not know if this couple discussed their home being secure or even thought about it, but we are encouraging you to not ever feel so comfortable living in any neighborhood without making sure you have several alarms to scare burglars and automatically alert police when they go off.

Tanisha McDaniel possibly could still be here, but we feel it was too easy for those armed robbers to enter the rear of her home.   May she rest in peace and we are praying for God to console her husband.  We feel very bad this nice couple had only one year to enjoy one another in matrimony.

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Fox 2 News Headlines 

Pontiac woman fatally shot after interrupting home invasion

By Maurielle Lue
Fox 2 News Reporter

PONTIAC, Mich. (WJBK) -- 33-year-old Tanisha McDaniel was fatally shot after walking into her own home.  Police are calling it an obvious home invasion.

McDaniel, described on her Facebook page as a beautiful person...Read full article, here.


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