Monday, November 5, 2012

Husband charged with abuse after his 400-pound wife die in waste: Black women, don't marry a man who neglect you

Sisters, Yolanda Reese-Brooks was 400-pounds when she died in her own waste surrounded by maggots. She may have had a husband, but obviously he did not care about her.  Michael Brooks is now being charged with abuse after he neglected to help her.   Black women, often times you may complain about not having a black man, but really you don't need one if he does not care about you.  This is a disgrace our dear sister died this way, all because she married the wrong man.

Many times, some black women may overeat, because they do not know how to get out of a painful relationship or marriage with a man, they know deep down inside does not love and care about them.   Often times, our sisters overeat, simply because they feel trapped in a situation, they do not know how to get out of.   We are in an era when we have to make a choice to get out of painful situations, regardless of the lack of finance, it is time for many of you sisters to have faith in God and make plans to cease your stressful surroundings.   This is one of the biggest problems among some black women, they endure a lot of offenses, simply because they have not learned how to earn an income to survive, independently.   Food has become a solution for a lot of our sisters.  AIDS is not the only way many of our sisters are dying, some of them are dying of obesity.  Too many of our sisters have had heart attacks, because there stress level was very high, but their income was so low, they could not relocate to a peaceful atmosphere.   Not all black men, but many times, black men, whether they are sons of our friends, abusive brothers and fathers or even the cruel husbands we have mistakenly married have driven us to overeat or adopt an unhealthy habit that is killing us.  As black women, we can no longer deal with settling for less, but-we must find a way to leave a household where a man is emotionally or physically abusive toward us that drives us to abuse ourselves to death.

Some of you sisters are overeating, because you do not want to live in a stressful environment and you cannot see your way out.  We want to let you know, you do not have to deal with any black man who abuses you.  Many of us black women deal with no good men, simply because our fathers, brothers or cousins have neglected and abused us.  You don't have to run and find something like food to fill that void, but instead when you feel an urge to overeat, we encourage you to run to Jesus and focus on a business idea that is going to earn you enough money to leave not only your marriage, relationship or friendship, but permanently cease that stressful environment.   

Many of you sisters are saved, but yet deal with stressful situations you are trying so very hard to escape.   It is time, you take your life back and rebuke the enemy that has been trying to kill you. 

Sisters, let us now pray:

Father in the name of Jesus, we bind the death angel that has been trying to take our sisters before their time.  Satan, take your hands off of every last one of us, we take our lives back, you can't have us.   You have plotted through uncaring black men we live with and we come to tell you you cannot have our souls.   In the name of Jesus, we bind and command you to flee.  Get out of our lives and we pray against the demon of poverty.   God has given us abundant life, but Devil we know you come to kill, steal and to destroy us, according to God's Word.   Leave us alone, right now, in Jesus name.   Now Jesus, we christian journalists of Souls of Black Women pray that you lead and guide us.  Do not allow us to deal with stressful situations any longer and we pray and believe you are going to give us the know how to avoid emotional pain that has driven many of our sisters to adopt unhealthy habits, whether it is overeating, self-brutality, dope or alcohol.  Some of us black women have been driven by suicidal demons dear God, so we ask you to save each and every last one of us from an unhealthy lifestyle.  Lord, we need you, we cannot make it without you.   Deliver us from evil we live with in our troubled homes.  We bring our souls before you right now. Amen.

Now for the rest of you sisters whom need salvation, we invite you to go straight to our Salvation page now and welcome to the family of Christ.

May Yolanda Reese-Brooks rest in peace, Jesus loves her so much more than her cruel husband.

Husband charged with abuse after 'letting 400-pound wife die in her own filth'

By Paul Thompson

A Michigan husband is facing abuse charges after allowing his 400-pound wife to die in bed surrounded by maggots and her own waste.

Fire crews wearing hazardous material suits had to remove Yolanda Reese-Brooks from her home such were the

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