Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Houston Daycare Owner, Jessica Tata Found Guilty: Black women, use wisdom after your past mistakes in life

Jessica Tata has been found guilty of one of the four children, 16-month-old Elias Castillo who was found dead in the fire of her daycare.  This is a sad case, involving our sister who had an alleged problem in high school.  There was a witness who claims Jessica Tata purposely set two fires.  Then, her former school principle showed up to testify about two previous fight.  Sisters, it seems like the past came back to haunt Tata, all because she was careless by leaving a pan of oil on the stove, burning. Poor children, they did not deserve to suffer because of Jessica Tata's carelessness. 

In our opinion, we do not think Jessica Tata purposely left the house burning with the children inside to hurt them.  We really feel she became a changed person as a grown woman, although it was brought up she started fires in high school in protest of her suspension.   Her biggest mistake was leaving those children in the house while going shopping at Target.   If she would have taken the children with her, at least only the home would have been caught on fire and the kids still alive today.   Maybe the parents of the deceased children are satisfied Jessica Tata has been found guilty of their child's murder, but in reality, they will never get their children back.   Therefore, certain prisoners whom are spending time in prison for senseless crimes need therapy, because the decision they made that took lives seem like it could have been a psychological issue.   One thought comes to mind that makes us feel Tata needs therapy, she could have thought it was okay to heat up a burning skillet and possibly did it on more than one occasion with the children in side.  Our second thought comes to mind, which simply makes us think Jessica Tata possibly heated up the skillet and forgot it was on while leaving the children behind, thinking they would be safe until she came back.   Now, for those two reasons, there is a psychological issue, it was not logical for her to leave the skillet on nor was it right for her to leave the children by themselves without thinking about the skillet on the stove top she forgot to turn off.  Many black women are spending time in jail for being careless, it has nothing to do with intentionally murdering anyone.    

Sisters, it is scary to think about this very fact, but-God gave Tata chance after her mistakes in high school.  The same with a lot of other black women, he gives our sisters chance after chance, but-if they do not what is necessary to remain alert, the past will come back to haunt them.   Therefore, we encourage each and every last one of you to put your past behind, but when you move forward, always use wisdom in any thing you do.  

Of course, whenever a sister makes a mistake, there are always going to be witnesses to make sure she reaps punishment.   Do we feel she should spend time in prison?  Of course we do, but we do not feel her previous excitement for starting fires is the cause of the fire on that day.   We feel there could be some deep psychological issues that caused her to be careless, no excuse, but only a reason.  

In the meantime, we will continue to pray for our dear sister, Jessica Tata and we sincerely hopes she seeks God while serving time in prison.  Also, our prayers are with the parents of the deceased children and may all four of them rest in peace.

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Jessica Tata Convicted: Woman Found Guilty Of Murder In Texas Day Care Fire


HOUSTON — A Texas woman was convicted of murder Tuesday in the death of one of four children who died in a fire at her home day care after she left them alone with hot oil on the stove while she shopped at Target.

Neighbors said they could hear children crying inside the burning Houston home but couldn't reach them. The fire last year killed 16-month-old Elias Castillo...Read full article, here. 

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