Saturday, November 17, 2012

Hollywood Celebrity News: Black Women 'Watch Middle Of Nowhere' Theatrical Trailer

Sisters, if you want your daughters and sons to see a good black movie that reveals love between a young black couple, we would suggest you tell them about 'Middle of Nowhere'.    We were wondering when black love among young adults would be seen once again on the big screen, 'Middle of Nowhere' seems like it is a very interesting story.

This young black woman, Ruby seems to be torn between two loves, one in prison and one free.  She is a med student, but drops out of school to focus on her husband who is incarcerated for less than 10 years. Remember, Lorraine Toussaint who we just told you landed a big role on a new tv series, playing a police chief in 'Body of Proof?  She will also be seen in this new movie.  Therefore, we know this will most definitely be a good movie, for the entire family to see, not just your young adult children.

All black men and black women need to connect again, it is very scary to see the younger generation disconnecting as though there is no longer an attraction, after losing many of our people of AIDS and all types of ways. We have become much less within our African American population.  Possibly, this movie, 'Middle of Nowhere' may start a new flame of love among young black couples, it's a good start.  Don't you think so?

'Middle of Nowhere' seems to be a very decent movie, which was directed by Ava DuVernay.

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