Sunday, November 18, 2012

High principal assaulted a former co-worker in school parking lot after a football game: Are some black women gangsters over our schools these days?

Thelma Jarrett, the principal of Washington D. C. Coolidge High School has been accused of allegedly assaulting a former co-worker, Rashia King-Hicks.  Allegedly, she ordered for two other women, Donna Pixley and Bridgette V. Stevens to kick and punch the victim.   The victim says they both came out of nowhere hitting her in the face.  We ask you sisters, is this the way some black women are conducting themselves as principles and teachers over our children these days?

Seriously, there needs to be a strict code of conduct for teachers and principles.   If our youth sees these black women carrying on like gangsters, then how can they know it is wrong to fight each other?   Our young people need positive examples and influences over our schools.   Whether they be in high school, junior high or elementary school, it is not good that they be in a hostile environment.  If this type of violence is going on, no wonder we cannot get our young people together.   When your child arrives home from school and they rebel, now you can see why, because spiritually, they are probably seeing extreme conflict among school officials.  Specifically, among professional black women whom are fighting with each other, it is not good for your children to see, because your sons will be confused of how to relate with you as their mother and then, your daughters could be confused of how to deal with her friends, if she is seeing conflict among black women who are supposed to be instructing her as she grows into a young lady.   You do not want your sons to disrespect you neither do you want your daughters to become butch or a gangster, but your sons and daughters need to be around positive examples at school and even when they arrive home.

Black women, we want you to seriously observe what is going on at the school, whether your children feels comfortable with it or not.  Of course, some high school students feel they are grown when they get to be a certain age, but as long as you are paying the rent and bills, you must see what is going on at their schools.   You are still the parent and they are still your children.    

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Female principal 'beat up former co-worker in school parking lot after Homecoming football game

 By Daily Mail Reporter

A principal has turned herself in after she and two female staffers were accused of assaulting a former staff member of the high school. Thelma Jarrett, the principal of Coolidge High School near Washington, D.C., allegedly ordered the assault on former school worker...Read full article, here.

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