Monday, November 26, 2012

College Students and professors mourned for student, thinking she committed suicide: Black women, it's not good to lie

This is very sad news to learn a relative of Odessa Jones allegedly informed her college that she committed suicide.  Sisters, is this how some of our family members feel about us, they desire for us to commit suicide?  It is very cold-blooded for a relative to lie and make people think you are dead and you took your own life, it's very cruel.   

Now, we do not know if her relative was a male or female, but it is not good to lie.  This relative not only fabricated the story to UMBC (An Honors University In Maryland), but also to her church, Christ Congregational Church, which began to prepare for her funeral.  It seems like this family member wished Odessa Jones was dead.  Why would he or she lie and make her college and church think she killed herself.

Sisters, this is why it is good to love yourself, if no one else loves you.   They used to say the world is a cold place, but nowadays, if your family and close friends do not know Jesus Christ, they can be very cruel people.  As black women, we should make sure we are so close to God, evil desires of those whom claim to love us or admit they hate us will not bother us.   One of the greatest weapons against black women is hatred from our own kind and when it is our loved ones or close friends whom gives us a bad reputation by spreading lies, it may cause some of us to have suicidal tendencies, but this is an evil spirit we have to beat, no matter how bad it gets.

In the meantime, we will keep Odessa Jones in our prayers.   Also, we pray for her relative to repent for what he or she has done, because this could cause anyone to go into a deep depression.
Campus in mourning for student after family member told college she had committed suicide... only to find out that she is actually alive 

By Daily Mail Reporter

Members of the University of Maryland-Baltimore County were put through a roller coaster of emotions when they were notified that one of their own, Odessa Jones, had committed suicide only to discover her alive and well.

 After the university sent an email to its students and faculty notifying them of the reported death, detectives sent to...Read full article, here.

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