Monday, November 12, 2012

Celebrity News: Usher Officially Evicts Tameka Foster From Atlanta Mansion and puts it up for sell

Now it is official sisters,  Usher has evicted Tameka Foster and has listed his home for $3 million dollars.  Wait til you see the inside of this luxurious estate, it is really beautiful, so nice, Tameka deserves to remain there.  When you really think about it, her son, Kyle Foster has an even bigger than this one, up in heaven.   As black women, we go through enough hell bringing children into the world for a man we thought would love us til death do us partWhy doesn't Usher just care about her personal grievance and be considerate and just give her the home?

According to TMZ, Tameka Foster says she is not even bothered by Usher evicting her, she has her own business and does not need his help.  We cannot blame her for being strong, because after you cried so many tears of losing your son, going to his funeral, then two weeks later, facing his stepfather in a custody battle, it makes no sense to fret over anything.  Tameka Foster is a strong black woman and eventually God will no doubt bless her with her own mansion and no man has to give her anything, because like Aretha Franklin sang, 'Sisters, are doing it for themselves.'   

In the meantime, we will be praying for Tameka Foster, including Usher.  Note: You may see the inside of Usher's mansion by clicking our source.  God bless you, sisters.
Usher to Ex-Wife Time's Up! I'm Selling the Mansion

Usher is finally making good on his threats to evict ex-wife Tameka Raymond from the house she still calls home ... officially listing his Georgia mansion for a cool $3.2 million.

Usher bought the 12,544 square-foot pad in 2007 -- while still married to Tameka -- for $3 million. He officially listed the...Read full article, here.

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