Saturday, November 3, 2012

Celebrity News: Oprah plans to sell father's home and move her step-mother, Barbara out: Black women, is Oprah a bully or is she fair?

Do you recall us doing a previous article about the dispute between Barbara and her former mother in-law, Barbara Winfrey, after she separated from her father, Vernon Winfrey?  Well ladies, here is the update, Barbara Winfrey allegedly claims Oprah is forcing her to move out of the home she and Vernon lived in while married.   She says, Oprah is doing it, simply because she can do it and insinuated she is a bully.   Does Oprah have the right to allegedly force her father's ex-wife out of their home? 

 Sisters, Barbara Winfrey feels she is entitled to remain in the million dollar Franklin home, because it is her right.  Although, Oprah Winfrey's PR claims Oprah offered Barbara a home in North Nashville and to keep the 2004 Mercedez she co-owns, which has over 100,000 miles on it, Barbara is still not happy.  In her own words, she feels Oprah is allegedly using her wealth as power to put her out of a home she feels she has the right to still live in. 

Sisters, just think if you were Oprah's former mother in-law, how would you feel if your daughter in-law had the money to purchase your ex-husband's barber shop after he allegedly cheated and pulled a gun on you?  Would you like your rich and famous daughter in-law to allegedly dominate if you can leave or remain in a home you are used to living in?  Yes, celebrities do have power, because of all of their wealth, but it does not make it right to allegedly misuse that power and bully anyone, no matter how much you may not like them.

As black women, we have watched Oprah down through the years encourage women, in general and to see how she is allegedly forcing her former mother in-law out of a home she once shared with her father is revealing who she really is.   Is Oprah seeing her as a hurting woman or is she allegedly mistreating Barbara, because of her messy divorce with Vernon Winfrey?   In other-wards sisters, is Oprah being a bully as Barbara allegedly called her or was she fair to force her out into a smaller home as you can see on the above photo?  Also, Oprah claims to be a born again Christian, if she really is forcing Barbara Winfrey out of her home, we do not think it is Christ-like in our opinion.

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WSMV Channel 4  

Oprah plans to sell Franklin home where father lived with wife

 Reported by Jonathan Martin


Oprah Winfrey is making a big decision involving her father and his divorce by selling the Franklin home he and his wife lived in for more than 10 years.

But Oprah's step-mother, Barbara Winfrey, is angry, claiming she's being put out with nowhere to go.

An Oprah representative said Thursday she is selling the $1.4 million home because...Read full article, here.

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