Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Black Women, Sister Stabbed little sister 7 Times

This case, regarding this 13-year-old sibling, Tyasia stabbing her little sister, Sasha wakes up a lot of memories for some of us.  Some of us black women can recall being hated by our older siblings, because we had different fathers and it did not help when our mothers always talked about how bad they were mistreated by them.   Some of us can recall our older brothers or sisters beating us up for no reason. When we complained about it, we were ignored and our elders simply called it, sibling rivalry.  However, we all know it is much more than that, our older siblings hated and envied us, because we had different fathers and our father was hated the most.

Now, we do not know the specific reason why 13-year-old Tyasia Jackson killed her little sister, Sasha, all we know is that she allegedly was upset about something, waited until a kid left from her house, then murdered her.   This seems to be a case of an older sister being jealous of her younger sister, possibly because she feels like she got more attention than her as the baby girl and also she possibly disliked her step-father.  This sort of stuff has been going on for many years, but as you know, black families do not talk about it, they blow it off as sibling rivalry.   Many of us black women could be dead right now, but God protected us from our older siblings.  Some of us had older brothers who hated us and beat us up all the time, which caused us to feel discomfort around men as we got older.  Then, some of us had older sisters who did not like us, because they felt we were taking heir place.  Some of us experienced hatred from both, older brothers and older sisters who did not like us because we had different fathers or mothers than them.  It is such a shame, the only way people will pay attention to our personal pain, regarding being bullied by our older brothers and/or sisters is when a baby-girl is murdered, but this is how shallow many black people are, they just did not listen when we tried to cry out to them about this situation before.  They accused us of being spoiled or wanting to always get our own way, but it was never about that, we cried out, simply because our older brothers or older sisters did not like us, because we had a different father (or mother).   Personally, some of us can recall our older brothers glaring at us or hitting us for no reason and we knew deep down inside it was because they were very close to our mothers who hated our fathers, especially if we looked just like him.

Sisters, we must discuss this matter, because if you really want to know the truth, this is one of the main reasons why black families are divided and we cannot get the race to unite.  Those of us whom have avoided being murdered by our older siblings are the most hated within the black race, simply because it seems no one understands why we avoid such animosity.   We are often confused with being an outcast, the black sheep of the family, a snob or stuck up, when in fact it has nothing to do with any of those accusations, it is just that we are tired of all the hatred coming from our older siblings.  We are too good to fight or argue with them.   If we stayed around them long enough, we probably would be dead by now.  Remember the story in the Bible about Joseph being put into slavery by his brothers (Read Genesis 37)?

As black women whom have been emotionally beaten down by our own race and misunderstood by our own family so much, you have to agree it seems as though we can see right through this case of Tyasia killing her little sister, because they had different fathers.

May Sasha rest in peace and we are praying her sister repents for killing her little sister and gives her life to Christ while serving time in prison.  She is being charged as an adult, according to  wsbtv.com.

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Family: Sister stabbed toddler 7 times

DeKalb County police said they have charged a 13-year-old girl with murder after she killed her 2-year-old sister.

The toddler's father, Shelton Ray, told Channel 2's Ashley Swann that police have charged his teen stepdaughter in the death of the toddler. He said the 2-year-old was stabbed seven times in the heart area. He said the teen confessed to him, along with detectives.

Investigators said both parents were away Monday afternoon when the incident...Read full article, here.

Source, Photo and Video: WSBTV
Source and Video: MyFOXAtlanta.com


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