Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Black Women, she drove on sidewalk to avoid school bus holds shaming 'idiot' sign: Right or Wrong?

Sisters, this 32-year-old Cleveland woman, Shena Hardin got in trouble when she allegedly showed no remorse in court for driving on the sidewalk to avoid a school bus.   Get this, it was a black female judge by the name Judge Pinkey Carr who sentenced Hardin to public penance.  You know, one of the problems among black women, is that sometimes when some of our sisters get in a powerful position, they humiliate another black woman.   Now, maybe Hardin was wrong to show no remorse, but holding a public sign, calling herself an idiot is too harsh in our opinion. 

For too long, some black women in a high position within the work force have humiliated other black women in lower positions whom have made human flaws.  This type of ill cycle has weakened every generation of African American women.  Why do you think we are so divided now?  Why do you think when we walk down the street there is sometimes a cold response from some of our sisters?  Why do you think when we attempt to smile at one of our sisters, sometimes, we get a frown?  The answer to all three of these question is so very clear, when some of our sisters have already been neglected by their mothers and then face sort of conflict with another black woman in authority, along with others whom instigate, then it ruins the chance for unity.   Now, we do not know Judge Carr, personally, but-her sentencing for a grown woman may have caused Hardin to become a worst person, we hope this is not the case.  However, many times when some black women are in authority, whether as a store manager or a judge, they seem to punish our sisters whom are subject to their demands.  Therefore, there is always a better way to discipline a grown black woman, not make her feel as though she is any less than you, just because she was in error. 

As black women, we all have made dumb mistakes, but it does not make us idiots and no white, black, Asian or Latino judge has any right to make us feel inferior because of it.   If you are black female in any sort of authoritative position, please take another sister's feelings into consideration, do not humiliate her, because you have the power to do so, but teach her wisdom, in a firm but gentle way.   If you have wondered how we can empower black women to become great, no matter who they are, the mistakes they have made or their background, let us began to examine ourselves no matter what position we hold.

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Woman who drove on sidewalk to avoid school bus holds shaming 'idiot' sign as her sentence begins

By James Nye and Snejana Farberov

A woman caught on video driving on a sidewalk to avoid a Cleveland school bus that was unloading children stood in the cold at an intersection holding an ‘idiot’ sign Tuesday morning.

A Cleveland Municipal Court judge ordered Shena Hardin, 32, to serve the sentence for one hour between

Source and Photo: http://www.dailymail.co.uk
Photo: Today's Show


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