Saturday, November 10, 2012

Black women, pastor is paying my rent, the black church, including his wife found out about it

One of our faithful readers named "Gloria (fictitious)" contacted us and informed us she was no longer welcome at a very popular baptist church in Miami, Florida.  Gloria was taking monthly allowances from her pastor, "Bishop Banks (fictitious)" for the amount of $3,000 to pay her rent, car note and other bills.   She explained she had no way of finding a job, because she does not have a stable work history and does not have much experience with skills.   However, as you know, when one person finds out about something in the black church, it spreads all over the congregation.   

Gloria, 39, confided she has never done anything to receive the funds, Bishop Banks, 63, is like a father to her and treats her like his daughter.  She allegedly claims there was never a time he made a pass at her and says like any other black church, the church members are just nosy and his wife is being stingy and insecure.  Gloria claims a jealous choir director, sitting at the pastor's desk saw the envelope and read the letter when the pastor was not looking and gossipped about it.   She says the letter was innocent and it had nothing to do with a relationship, but the choir director made it more than it was, because he was being messy.

The first lady of this prominent baptist church in Miami must have found out about her husband's generosity, because during choir rehearsal she called Gloria out in front of other choir members and this is what she whispered, 'You may leave and don't come back here, ever again.'  Now sisters, although First Lady Banks (fictitious) is the the Bishop's wife, the church is God's house and in our opinion she had no right to demand Gloria to leave the sanctuary and never return. Everyone got quiet and figured out why Gloria left choir rehearsal, after watching the first lady mumble a few words.  In our opinion, although it is wrong for Bishop Banks to have given Gloria any money, she is not the only one who should be confronted about the situation.  When we asked Gloria if her former pastor mentioned his wife confronted him, he admitted he denied everything.
As it turns out, Gloria is still secretly receiving money from her former pastor, because it is the only way she allegedly claims, she can survive.  She says the pastor still spends time with her at her apartment, but it is all innocent.

Gloria, thanks for visiting Souls of Black Women blog.  However, we are going to tell you the truth, you are very wrong to be receiving funds from this married pastor.   Not only does he have a family, but he is a pastor, caring for the souls of people.  Therefore, you must find a way to become independent and stop depending on this pastor to give you money.  Now, you claim nothing is going on between the two of you, but-evidently his wife feels otherwise.  Furthermore, what man would give you a few thousand for nothing? Like in any black church, there are always some people whom will find out about something that is going on with the pastor outside of his marriage.   Of course, the choir director was very wrong to look in the envelope and snoop around in the pastor's office, but you are wrong for receiving money from your former pastor to care for yourself.   We encourage you to do some soul searching and find out who you a really are.   What are you good at?  If you cannot get a job, what type of business can you create to care for yourself?   Because let us assure you, all of Bishop Banks generosity will only last so long and if you are not careful, his wife could find out again and then it will be some more mess.  So, dear sister we encourage you to believe in yourself and let go of your discreet friendship with Bishop Banks and it is would be a good idea for you to apologize to the first lady, especially since you claim there was nothing ever going on between you and her husband.  If we did not care about you, we would not tell you the truth and we think you know that, that's why you contacted us.  God bless you dear, sister.


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