Friday, November 2, 2012

Black women, Neighbors who refused to help Glenda Moore who lost two sons in Hurricane Sandy

The bodies of two boys who were swept out of their mother's arms have been found, but now Damien and Glenda will have to mourn their deaths.   Hurricane Sandy was so strong in Staten Island, it took the boys so many yards from were their mother.  Glenda tried to ask residents for help, but they shunned her and refused to assist her.   Whether they could have done anything or not is irrelevant, the boys probably were already dead, but it is the principle of the matter, it is not nice to ignore people who are in desperate need and facing the same disaster as yourself. 

We are praying for Damien and Glenda Moore.  May their two sons, Brandon and Connor rest in peace.   

Mother whose two boys were swept out of her arms in superstorm was left screaming on street for 12 hours by neighbors who refused to help her

 By Daniel Bates, Michael Zennie and Rachel Quigley

Police searching for two young brothers who were ripped from their mother's arms during Superstorm Sandy have found their bodies.

The remains of Brandon, two, and Connor Moore, four, were discovered only yards from where they went missing in...Read full article, here.

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