Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Black Women like Tiara Stevens, is Incest a reason we should avoid black history?

We would like to ask you dear sisters whom have had similar past experiences like our dear sister, Tiara Stevens should black history now be irrelevant because of how some black fathers or other men in the black family have molested black women?  The question must be asked, because this is one to the main reasons why there is no unity among black people.  So many times black women, we have complained that black men prefer to be with white women and other races, when really some of them like Fred Montgomery, Tiara's father is really doing us a favor. Therefore, we ask you this question, why should we deal with past history of African Americans, if the present among black people are so dysfunctional while the demon of incest yet haunts us?

We never can understand why civil rights activists focus so much on racial discrimination and gay civil unions without concentrating on spiritual issues.  There are many black women like Tiara Stevens whom are still hurting while Rev. Al Sharpton and other militant preachers are not dealing with what is destroying our sisters.   Racial discrimination will never cease not until more black people spiritually seek God.   As black women, it is very important for you to realize there is another world beneath us, not just heaven above us.   We live above a gigantic pit we can't see called the lake of fire, hell where a lot of souls are eternally burning.   We cannot afford to continue to deal with black history, if we do not take heed to why issues such as incest and other types of sin that have been and still occurring within many black families today.  Therefore, the only way we should ever mention black history or racial discrimination is when we are trying to make a point during a discussion.   

One of the biggest things we as saved black women should hate about civil rights is that it ignores spirituality, it does not deal with abnormal behaviors such as fathers molesting their daughters or any other male figure in families molesting or raping their female relatives.  

Sisters, when many of our sisters have been molested by their fathers and/or other men in their families, it is a type of slavery, emotionally and sexually, so why focus on the bondage of white supremacists in the past or so much racism in the present?  Black history is irrelevant when we think about incest among African Americans, this is why it is so difficult for things to get better within the black community.

Sisters, if no one else understand why we would avoid focusing on black history and just concentrate on God's history, it is okay.   The main thing is that we continue to seek God, because He is the only one whom will save us from cruel black men like Fred Montgomery.   

If any of you would like to accept Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, please go straight to our Salvation page now.   Jesus loves you and does not hate you, just because your father or the men in your family sexually violated you.  You must humbly submit your soul to the Lord, regardless of your bitterness.   Give your sadness to Jesus and allow Him to take away the distress you feel because of incest or any other past sexual experience you have had in your life.    Just a reminder, after you accept Christ, your life may not be easy and Satan is going to come to discourage you. Being a black woman, often times our family and people in the black church like to hold your past against you as though you can never be saved, but you must follow Christ, no matter what they say or how they mistreat you.  Whatever you do, do not ever turn your back on God. God bless you dear sister and welcome to the body of Christ.

In the meantime, we will continue to pray for Tiara Stevens and her son. 

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Woman: Father who impregnated me "never said he was sorry"


Until she was 12 years old, Tiara Stevens says her father was there for her, but then, she says, he ripped her childhood away.

"At the time, we only had a two bedroom trailer, so I slept on the floor of the mobile home, and he would come in there and he would go have sex, and he...Read full article, here.

Source, Photo and Video: http://www.wsfa.com


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