Monday, November 26, 2012

Black Women, JetBlue flight attendant arrested after she helped steal an iPhone for boyfriend

This flight attendant, Stacy-Ann Smith, 27, has been arrested for allegedly assisting her boyfriend, Jason McCaulay, 23, to steal a passenger's iPhone.  However, she claims McCaulay slipped the iPhone into her pocket, after swiping it from a bin.  Therefore, there is a possibility she did not know he stole it, until after he tried to blame it on her.   Sisters, as you notice this guy is a little younger than Smith.  Although, age is nothing but a number, it only is true if the person is mature.

As intelligent black women, we have to be very careful about whom we choose as our men.   Stacy-Ann Smith maybe a very good person, but her human flaw was spending time with an immature guy that meant her no good.  It seems like Smith was spoiling her boyfriend, taking him on free trips with her, but obviously, he did not appreciate her generosity.    

Many of us black women have made that same mistake, we have dated certain guys, because we wanted them to not just like us, but also love us.   We did not know they would use us or lie on us, until we realized who they really were.   Sisters, some of you have to get out of just dating a guy, because you think he's cute and pays you some attention.   Of course, we know there are not a lot of black men to choose from as it was years ago, because if they are not in jail, dead or gay, they are attracted to men outside of our race and the problem with that is, some of us black women do not have a taste for other races of men.   However, you have got to be very picky in the black men you choose to date, because if not, you will be just an average woman who will not be a virtuous candidate for a good man.   You cannot follow some other black women whom are not picky and will just accept any guy, not saying this is what happened with Stacy Smith, but we feel she could have done much better like a lot of us whom have dated the wrong guys in the past.

Hopefully, the right guy will come along in Stacy-Ann Smith's life who will not take advantage of her, but appreciate her kindness.   For the rest of us black women, we are praying God will do the same for us, because life is so precious and we have no time for foolishness.

JetBlue flight attendant arrested after 'helping boyfriend steal a passenger's iPhone' 

By Daily Mail Reporter

A uniformed JetBlue flight attendant on an off-duty free plane to Puerto Rico was arrested Friday at JFK Airport after her boyfriend allegedly stole an iPhone from another passenger.

Police said Queens couple Stacy-Ann Smith, 27, and her boyfriend Jason McCaulay, 23, were waiting to go through security on their way to Aguadila late Friday night when McCaulay swiped an...Read full article, here.

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