Monday, November 26, 2012

Black women, I dated a Hollywood celebrity and I found out he was gay before he broke up with me for a white woman

Now sisters, we cannot give you the name of this well-known black man who has been making millions in Hollywood for years, but 'Jackie (fictitious name)' shared he is an actor and a producer.  Jackie sent us a confidential email pouring out her heart to us, allegedly claiming when she found some photos of some very attractive younger black guys in the nude, he went into a rage and demanded she get off his property and never return.  A few house guests of this famous celebrity happened to see her storming out of the front entrance in tears as they looked at her, then up at 'Benny (fictitious name)' standing at the top of the stair case, looking embarrassed.  We also briefly chatted with Jackie and she said he has a secret fascination with guys, but she thinks he dates women for a cover-up.

Jackie has been heart broken for several months now and she says there were also some photos of transsexuals she found in Benny's bedroom drawer.  When he walked in on her looking at the photos, he immediately accused her of being like the rest of black women, 'dog-gon' nosy black women, always snooping around in a black man's business!'   She claims after she used the master bathroom, the drawer was already opened and you could not help but see them, so she looked at them, not thinking he would walk in on her.   Every since they broke up, she says he has been seen with a few other races of women in the media, white and Hispanic.   She says, Benny is just trying to hide his other side, which she feels is his only side as a gay man.   She feels Benny is not bi-sexual, he really likes being with just men, but he does not want the public to know who he really is.  Jackie says she loved Benny, but she felt he did not love her, because she believed he was using her for a cover-up, just like the rest of the other black women he had been with.  Now, he is out showing off with this white woman as though he is joining the popular trend of other black men whom just do not want to be seen in public with black women of any shade.

When we asked Jackie why she contacted us, she allegedly claims she is tired of him pretending  like he is really attached to his new white girlfriend while showing off in the media like he is so much in love.   She also says she wanted to get her hurt out and try to find out how to not blame herself for finding out about his secret life.   She said she sometimes blames herself, because she feels like she was so close to marrying him.  Also, she admits the way he talked to her the last day at his estate, she no longer knows how to love herself as a black woman.

First and foremost Jackie, thank you for reading Souls of Black Women blog and we sincerely appreciate you for sharing your past relationship with this famous Hollywood celebrity.  We just want to let you know you are a very strong black woman to open up and help other black women whom may have been through the same thing.   

Jackie, you should not blame yourself, because this whole trend of getting back at black women out of bitterness is now very old, not sure why some black men and even some black women are still playing that game.  It's a game that does not hurt you as bad as it is hurting him.  He may look happy with his new white girlfriend, but really he is not only covering up his fascination for guys, but really, he is also covering up a whole lot of pain.  Don't blame yourself, because his lustful desires has nothing to do with you, he's just sorry he got caught.  Furthermore, you ought to be glad you didn't marry him, because what if you would have found those pictures in his drawer, after you became his wife?  Then, he possibly would want to get an annulment or be seen in the media cheating with the white woman he's with now while yet married to you.  Realize all those bad things he said to you was probably something he said to some other black women who could have also discovered his double life.  Learn how to love yourself Jackie, no matter what a man says to bring you down.  It does not matter about his household name, how much money he has or how powerful he is in Hollywood, he could never love you the way God loves you..   He could never make you a complete woman, God is the only One who can give you that fulfillment.  You are like a lot of other black women who feel empty and blame themselves, after their relationship does not last with a successful black man, but success will not ever make him a good man, only morals and values.  If he never has morals and values, the only thing he has to share with his new white woman is money, so you did not miss out on anything.

Note: All names and photos are fictitious
Photo: Pixland, Photodisc


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