Thursday, November 29, 2012

Black Women, a Fight erupts outside Milwaukee courtroom where a man was sentenced to 1-year in prison

Sisters, this fight that erupted outside of a Milwaukee courtroom happened because a man was sentenced to 1-year in prison and one year on probation for killing a 6-year-old boy, Christopher Wade by allegedly driving over him.   Although, this could have been an accident, obviously, his family did not think it was fair.  Now, we do not know if this driver, Dedrick Ashford was drunk or what, but this boy's life is gone.  

This is why it is so very important for all drivers not to drive while drunk or high on drugs, text while driving, talk on a cell phone and to pay very close attention while driving on the road.  It only takes a slight second for an accident to occur.    For whatever reason Ashford ran over this young boy, he may not have deserved to receive such a light sentence.  However, over two dozen people throwing punches will not bring Christopher Wade back.

According to Dedrick Alexander Ashford, 23, was driving his girlfriend's minivan west on North Ave. on April 17 when he turned right onto N. 51st St. He said he was not speeding. One boy ran across the street in front of him to a playground, and when a second boy - Christopher Wade - appeared, he hit him with the front of the minivan.  The article went on to say Ashford immediately stopped at the scene.  Now, although he admitted to police he allegedly smoked marijuana and did not have a driver's license, he probably received a light sentence, because most drivers do not stop.  In most cases, it is a hit and run, let's be honest black women.

We sincerely regret to be honest with you sisters, but the fact remains there needs to be strict regulations for drivers who do not watch what they are doing.   Although, we do not know why this young boy was allegedly crossing the street by himself, there also needs to be strict guidelines for parents whom allow their children to run in the streets alone.  There needs to be a parent or a guardian attending them whenever they are playing outside or going to and from school.  They should not be allowed to go to the store by themselves.   We are living in a dangerous age when safety measures are not properly set by many state officials.

We do not want to disrespect the parents of the little boy in any way, but this is for the rest of you black women, do not just bring children into the world and allow them to roam the streets by themselves as though nothing will not happen to them.   You have to watch your kids at all times and make sure no one kidnaps or harms them in anyway and no one will accidentally run over them.

May Christopher Wade rest in peace and our prayers are with his parents and family.

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