Saturday, November 10, 2012

Black Women, are you crying like this first lady on Iyanla's talk show? She opens up about cheating husband with women in the church and more!

Sisters, it hurts us to be real about what goes on in the church, but as black women we cannot hide the fact that some preachers behind the people are some of the most unfaithful men to their wives.  Now, we just featured this subject at Sanctified Church Revolution, but we had to also express how we feel as black women on this blog, too.   For too many first ladies are keeping silent about the infidelity in their marriage.   It is time that black women begin to be real, no matter the position in the church or even in other prestigious positions outside of the church.  It is time for all hurting black women to say, no more to their cheating husbands.

Before, we get into the depth of this issue, we watched this preview on OWN and we noticed there was no information as to exactly who this cheating husband is, nor we do not even know the name of their church yet.  However, this first lady's name is Natashia who is seeking advice from from Iyanla.   We black women who are 70's and 80's babies who grew up in the black church never thought we would be in an era when first ladies are seeking advice from the world, but sisters, this is the type of day we are living in.   Thank God, Natashia is bold enough to face Iyanla before millions of people, because we feel as though she is breaking barriers for other first ladies within the black church whom are taught to remain quiet, in order to uphold their husband's name.   However, as women of God when you remain silent, it is the same as lying and lying is a sin.  Therefore, although it is shame to see this first lady open up about her cheating husband who has slept with 10 women in his church, 10 more outside of the church and then, impregnate a married woman, it is good Natashia refuses to remain silent and keep her husband's infidelity a secret any longer.  

We ask you black women whom are expected to remain silent by church or family members or even other sorts of associates of a dignified organization, are you crying like First Lady Natashia?   Have you been keeping quiet in order to remain a humble and submissive wife, so your husband's business will not get out?    Sisters, you have to stop hiding your husband's sin, because it is very unhealthy for you to do so.   We know you maybe scared to be bold, because you may have children by this cheating man, but God says, 'enough is enough,' you must be strong so other black women will no longer deal with their cheating husbands.   Do you realize when you remain quiet about your unfaithful husband, you are not being wise to think about how he could be infecting you with AIDS or any other contagious STD?   You have to be smart and use wisdom, so you will no longer feel trapped being married to a man who claims to love you, but is sleeping with other women and/or even men.   Let's say you are a first lady like Natashia and you are so scared what people are going to say, if you expose your cheating husband, you must trust Jesus Christ and not think about what naysayers are going to say.   Therefore, it is time to shift the way you have been doing things, because if you remain quiet, you could be giving yourself a silent death, which may cause you so much emotional pain you could suffer a heart attack.    If this is you, please reverse this ill cycle among prestigious women in the black church or any other dignified organization by confronting your husband's sexual affairs, because it is not only risking your life emotionally, but also physically.  Many times, we as black women have made the mistake of being silent and we were not necessarily a first lady, but we remained quiet, because we did not want people to accuse us of being trouble makers.   Sisters, no matter how many other black women accuse you of being a trouble maker, ignore them and speak out to reverse your husband's power.  You do not deserve to risk having AIDS or any other sexual transmitted disease, because of his weakness to commit adultery with women or men, be smart and courageous and do not allow this cycle to continue among black women.  

Specifically, as a first lady when you remain quiet, you are teaching other women in the church to be silent, so please take head to First Lady Natashia's courage.

Now we want to say a prayer for First Lady Natashia and the rest of you black women whom maybe first ladies or just wives whom have endured a lot of emotional distress, because you do not want to cause trouble or be labeled, the 'B' word.  You know we get called that a lot when we stand up against unfaithful men or even to any other man whom is disrespecting us.

Father, we are your daughters and we come to you right now, because some of us are hurting from being married to an unfaithful man.   Some of us are married to pastors, politicians and presidents of some very prestigious churches and organizations.  Then, Lord some of us are just ordinary housewives married to cheating men whom will not remain faithful to us.   Lord Jesus, we ask you to save us from these cheating men whom will not keep their clothes on to not only respect us, but honor you.   Jesus, we bind the demon of lust in our husbands right now.   We bind this demon of lust that causes him to fall in the bed women different women and homosexual men.  God, speak to his heart, speak to his mind, cast the demon back into the pit of hell where it came from.   Lord, save these cheating husbands behind the pulpit and rebuke the demon that causes him to live his life in the flesh, whether than living in the Spirit.  Now, dear God save these cheating men before their lose their souls, which could end up in hell.  Deliver them from being mischievous to their wives, so they will not return home and transfer AIDS or any other STD to them.   Heal these broken marriages and give these men a mind to change and say no more to the Devil that has deceived them into think they can have affairs on their wives while preaching behind the pulpit.   We humbly ask you Father to change the minds of these cheating husbands whom are deceived by the Devil to think they can continue on in life to silence their wives to cover up their dirt.   Heal our dear sisters Jesus and do not allow any of them to endure any more emotional distress, because of their husband adulterous affairs, in Jesus name we pray.   Amen.

Now for all of you women whom may not be saved, we invite you to go straight to our Salvation page and humbly receive Jesus Christ as your personal Savior now.  You know you are going to need him, if you have a broken marriage, because you cannot handle it alone.  God bless you and welcome to the family of Christ.

Source and Photo: OWN
Source: SCR


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