Friday, November 9, 2012

Atlanta Mother Left 2 Children Home Alone with Oven Door Open for Heat: Black women, consider your children's safety

Sisters, we know times are very hard right now and this 22-year-old mother Shantonia Heard seems as though she lacks so much income she had no other options regarding her child's safety.  However, we encourage all of you other black women to consider your child's safety, no matter how difficult it is.   Evidently, Heard knew of a way to charge her cell phone for free, because obviously, she could not afford electricity.   Many of us black women know what it is not only like to be poor, but also homeless, so a lot of times, you try to do the best you can.  In Heard's case, she made a mistake by leaving her two children alone with the oven door open for heat.   Believe it or not, it is not all her fault, as usual, the absence of the father is also to blame.  Shouldn't the father also be arrested for being absent in his kids' lives?

Not only did the housing authority find the children receiving heat from the opened oven, there were also dog feces on the floor from the family's pit bull puppy, according to CBS Atlanta News.  So, there were some serious foul conditions going on in Heard's House.  So many black women today are still very poor and cannot see any other way out.  Sometimes, our sisters leave home with a guy who promises them the world, then after he impregnates them, he is gone onto fool another woman, in most cases.  Now, we do not know what happened in Heard's personal life, but there is always a serious reason for poverty.   Sisters, please realize no matter how poor you maybe, poverty is a spirit and it can be fought, if you want to push it out of the way bad enough.  

In order to make money, it is hard work, but after you accomplish your dream of being able to pay bills, you will discover it is worthwhile, regardless of how early you may have to get up and how late you return home.   Sometimes, when you find a job just barely enough to pay the rent and bills, you have nothing left over for you and your children.   We advise you to the library and seek out how to start a legitimate home service that will benefit other people who will not mind paying you, for instance, baking cookies, a home cleaning service or running errands for a medical or attorney's office.  There are all sorts of ideas you can come up with that won't cost you hardly anything to create, so you can earn a profit.   Just take your time and think and you will be creative, possibly someday you could become a millionaire, if you do not give up.  Some times as black women, as soon as we find a job and work long hours, we maybe too tired to even think of ideas, but-you must do it on your days off or at least an hour a day.

Many times, we as black women do the best we can while raising children on our own.   Shantonia Heard could not be receiving enough child support to help her pay bills.   So of course, we all know how hard life can be as a single mother.   Shantonia Heard probably has done this more than once, because she may not think she has any other alternatives.   However, we encourage the rest of you black women whom are single mothers, please take your children with you everywhere you go, if you cannot afford childcare.    Never leave your children alone, especially when you are depending on the oven to keep them warm   You always want to be there to watch them and if you have to run an errand, make sure they are with you at all times.   The security guard could have been snooping around being nosy, but God no doubt used him to save these children's lives.   What if there was a fire when Heard returned and she came back with a charged cell phone, but the kids had burned up inside?  Sisters, do you see the goodness of God in all of this, although the children are now in are in the custody of the Division of Family and Children Services, according to CBS Atlanta News?  Possibly, someday she will get her children back when she can do better, financially.

In the meantime, we will be praying for our dear sister, Shantonia Heard who has been charged with cruelty to children and for the rest of you whom maybe have a very hard time trying to survive, even if you do not have any children.   

By the way, are you saved?   Would you like for Jesus Christ to come into your life?   If so, please go straight to our Salvation page now and allow Him to direct your life, spiritually first, then financially.  God bless you and welcome to the true body of Christ.

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