Saturday, November 3, 2012

10 Best Places to Live for Black Women in America

We apologize to one of our dear readers who requested we do an article on 10 best places to live for black women in America, we just got enough time to do it.   This article is the opposite side of the one we did about the 10 Worst Cities for Black Women to live in, in America.   Now, we want to encourage you to own your business, so you will not have to worry about seeking employment, which can be a struggle for we as black women.  One of the most beautiful things about being able to afford living in a nice suburban area as a business owner, is simply you do not have to work a 9 to 5 job and/or working more than one job at low wages.

As black women, it is much harder to find a job, although you can find on.  However, in order to reside in the top 10 cities, you want to be able to earn your own income through your own business, instead of having to worry about working for low wages while putting up with an ancient demon of potential racism on the job, especially if you are thing about relocating to one of these low populated cities.  Sisters, we have to be real with you while sharing this information, because although we want to live in the safest city in America, we still are African American and yet deal with racial discrimination while enduring prejudice within our own race.  You may ask why is it like still this way, if we live in affordable places, we cannot have any peace around our own race and if we live in the suburbs, we may face racism?  Simply, it is because that is the job of the Devil and many blacks whom make it hard for their own race to enjoy peace is the reason why many whites are still able to dominate suburban areas and enjoying living there. Sisters, this is why it is good for you to serve Jesus Christ, because everywhere we live, there are satanic forces and it does not matter if there are whites, blacks, Latinos or Asians, Satan will always use any race to discomfort us.  It's a spiritual matter, but do not let it discourage you, become a successful black woman and live where you want to live, regardless of haters. The bottom line is, this is God's land and if we are serving Him, no demon in hell can stop us from enjoying our nice suburban home.

According to Yahoo Finance, here are the first 10 and for the second set of best places, you may go on their site to see for yourself:

1. Carmel, IN

2. McKinney, TX

3. Eden Prairie, MN  

4. Newton, MA

5. Redmond, WA

6. Irvine, CA

7. Reston, VA

8. Columbia/Ellicott City, MD

9. Overland Park, KS

10. Chapel Hill, NC 

Source and Photo: Yahoo Finance
Photo: Courtesy: McKinney CVB/Beth Shumate 


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