Monday, October 22, 2012

'Black women, tight braids gave me alopecia now I can't grow hair in those Bald spots!' Try Cayenne Pepper to regrow your hair

Sisters, we always try to tell you to give up the braids, simply because when many of you wear them, you most likely will be tempted to pull it back, in most cases, to hide your kinks, which has been going on for years.  This is also how a lot of you get into trouble wearing weaves that is stitched with a braid to your head (not saying we agree with using bonding glue either, both are bad in our opinion).  One of the main reasons why many of you have a receded hair line and bald spots in other areas, is simply because you have worn tight braids for too long and killed your hair follicles.  One of the things we can say, in some cases, it is never too late to regrow your hair in those bald spots that has not regrown hair for years, because cayenne pepper has been a natural solution that has worked for some women and men.

Many of us have worn braids since we were young kids, the danger for most of us is the older we became, the more diverse our society grew.  Therefore, many black teens and black women no longer wanted to identify with kinky hair or even being black.   When many black women wore braids they endured extreme headaches from wearing tight braids that pulled the their locked hair around the edges to appear straight.  By the time when many of you try to straighten your hair you have to style your hair to hide the bald spots and you straighten your hair, because you feel you do not have any other options.  Sounds familiar? Now, we are not going to tell you cayenne pepper has worked for all black women, but in some cases we have seen evidence of not only new growth, but it has also has been known to grow very long hair.   So, if you have been struggling to regrow your hair in those bald spots and even regrow your hair to a certain length, you should try using cayenne pepper.  Make sure you use quality, organic cayenne pepper to get the full results in order to regrow your hair.

What is it about Cayenne Pepper that can make your hair grow?  According to,
cayenne pepper increases blood circulation throughout the scalp to deliver more essential nutrients to the hair follicle required for healthy hair growth. Capsaicin, a chemical in cayenne pepper stimulates the hair follicles, another chemical, quercetin, increases blood flow to the scalp which is beneficial to hair growth. 

Note: Sisters, when making your hair solution, make sure you precisely follow the instructions given in the following articles.  However, if you feel it is breaking you out or burns so bad (it doesn't in some cases), please immediately discontinue using cayenne pepper.  For instance, some black women have broke out using castor oil, you can try substituting it with olive oil, but if the cayenne pepper does not agree with your scalp, discontinue your regimen.

This article at Ehow, 'Cayenne Pepper & Olive Oil for Hair Growth,' gives you step by step instructions, but we have allegedly read in other articles you can not only use Olive Oil, but also Vodka (see here) or Castor Oil.  

Remember sisters, nothing happens overnight, be patient and in so many months you may see new growth, we do not guarantee it, although some black women have proven testimonies it worked for them.

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