Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Woman falsely accused of stealing from commissioner speaks: Black women are always harrassed like this in Atlanta, nothing's changed

Just like any other place, when black women support black men more than they do women, men with or without power often abuse them and Atlanta is one of those places that may never change.  This is not the first time, we are hearing of an abusive black man dogging black women in the area of Atlanta.  In this case Stan Watson, commissioner of Dekalb County allegedly got mad, because one of them women shunned him at a night club, after he was speaking nasty things to her.

Watson is just one of many cases in Atlanta that involves some black men making false accusations against women who avoid a mutual relationship.   One past feud occurred in a Stone Mountain apartment complex when a woman ignored the married men who lived there. They harassed this woman, made up lies that she was gay, then when the woman complained to management, she was scorned for defending herself.   So you see men like Stan Watson are all over Atlanta, but the reason why they continue to act up, is simply because women are not supported by others whenever they verbally defend themselves.   These abusive doggish men act up, because many of the black women in Atlanta and surrounding cities, give them their power.  For instance, one of our journalist was telling us about a former case that involved a female black mayor of Lithonia Georgia, Joyce McKibben was thrown out of her office when she tried to fire the police chief, both men and women supported the him, even after his officers allegedly, nearly broke her neck.  Eventually, she was voted out of office.

Now, it is very courageous for Zarina Ali to publicly tackle this situation by speaking with My Fox Atlanta's I-Team Dale Russell.  She allegedly claims by this commissioner being able to lie and get she and her best friend, Shanika Bradsure arrested for something neither one of them did not do has ruined her reputation.   Really, there should be more bold black women in the area of Atlanta like Zarina Ali.  You see, this case takes us back to the days when former mayor Joyce McKibben was disrespected by the police chief, some police officers and many citizens of Lithonia, simply because the police believed Stan Watson and allowed him to curse them out as one of the women sat in the back of a police car.  Now that he allegedly admitted his wallet was in his car the whole time, these victims are seeking justice.  Let's hope they receive it, because in a place like Atlanta, black women don't always get treated, fairly.  Instead, they are hated for speaking out.

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I-Team: Woman falsely accused of stealing from commissioner speaks

By Dale Russell, FOX 5 I-Team reporter

One of the women falsely accused of stealing a DeKalb County commissioner's wallet is speaking out to the FOX 5 I-Team.  The false accusation led to allegations of favoritism after police...Read full article, here.


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