Thursday, October 11, 2012

When Is It Ever Okay for Black Women to Wear Wigs? Not more than Growing Your Own Hair

As you know, we have been against encouraging our sisters wearing wigs, weaves or hair-pieces.  However, we were recently asked, is it ever okay for black women to wear wigs?  We say yes, but do not make a habit of it.   Wigs were originally created for people whom cannot grow hair.  Now, many of you can grow hair, you just don't have the patience to deal with your naturally woolish hair.   Your woolish hair can become very long, but you must use the right products, so you can learn how to maintain it and give it a lot of air, allow your scalp to breathe.

Now, let us be very specific when you should wear a wig.   Only wear wigs or hair pieces when you are going to an event and desire a certain look, but-do not make it a habit of wearing wigs at each and every event.   You only want to wear your wigs like if you are doing a show or at church, when you desire to enhance your beauty, but sometimes, you ought to give your hair air and allow people to see the real beautiful you.   The intent of wearing wigs should never be to cover up your natural beauty and forever cover your hair.  Wigs should be worn only on specific occasions.  

Do you ever wonder why some black women lose some of the most good looking men?  Simply because, they were turned off by never seeing their woman's natural beauty, which is what they get with other races.   You need to make very sure you let your man see the real you, we are not just talking about just one or two times out of a month, we are speaking of letting your man see and feel your natural hair most of the time and only treat yourself to a new look, just a few times a month or a year.  What sense does it make for black women to lose their hair and a good man?  No, you want to learn how to grow and keep your own hair while treating yourself to wearing a wig, every once in a while and keep your man satisfied with the real you.  Note: we will get on this in a future article.

As for weaves, we do not encourage them or extension braids, at all, simply because your scalp should never be pulled tight.  Your follicles need to stay alive, so you do not develop what is called alopecia, which means partial or complete absence of hair from areas of the body where it normally grows; baldness.  Read this very clear now, it can be very dangerous to wear weaves with bonding glue, simply because some glue have been known to kill some black women. Do you recall our one of previous articles, regarding a sister who died from it?  We also discovered there were other deadly cases.  Some of the bonding glue they created for hair weaves was not allegedly made human heads and we do not know why they sell it.  So either way, we do not ever encourage you wearing a weave.  Now, you may say, 'oh I would rather it attach to my head,' but when you do, you could risk losing your life or your hair after so long.

Stay tuned sisters, we have an upcoming article, regarding one of our readers recent experience at a wig shop.  It was a first time in 20 years buying a wig and the psychology from another black woman (customer) that was used buy one on a wig head is a sign some sisters are allegedly enslaved to the Asian race.  Why use persuasion for the Asian store owners, if you are not using that same persuasion to own your own beauty supply store?  



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