Friday, October 26, 2012

Update: Jessica Tata left children alone twice to go shopping on day of fire that killed 4 kids

Sisters, we do not know if you recall our previous story at AT2W, regarding the Houston daycare owner who left the children unattended while going on errands, but now, here is the update.  Jessica Tata, 24, is now on trial and prosecutors are now bringing up more evidence to convict her.  If she is convicted she could spend the rest of her life in prison.  Black Women, please if you own a childcare, do not go shopping and leave the kids alone.  If children die in your care, you will regret having to face a judge and jury.

Jessica Tata must now face a jury, all because she allegedly went shopping and left them alone in the home.  Four children, ranging from 16 months to 3 years old died in a fire, because there was a frying pan left on the stove's burner, according to 

We acknowledge a lot of you are in the childcare business, because time have always been hard for us as black women.  The childcare business or any other similar care taking operation has always saved a lot of sisters and their children from being homeless.  However, it is not good to own those type of businesses, if you are always going to be busy doing other things. Therefore, please take heed and do not let yourself ever be caught in this situation.  Always take the children with you and if you leave them with someone you have hired as a licensed employee, please make sure they are qualified.  You see, the parents of these deceased children will never see their babies again, all because of Tata's negligence.   Jessica Tata may have been doing good for herself as a business woman in her early 20's, but now look where she is at?  She is on trial facing life in prison, because she failed to keep an eye on those kids.  Now, she may die in prison.   Sisters, if God gives you a business, do not take it for granted by going shopping and forgetting about what you are supposed to do and that is to take responsibility and do your job.

In the meantime, we will keep Jessica Tata and the bereaved families of the young victims in our prayers. 

Houston day care worker left children alone TWICE to go shopping on day of fire that killed 4 kids: prosecutors 

HOUSTON  - The Houston home day care where four children were killed in a fire last year was run by an irresponsible woman who twice left the children alone that day to go shopping, prosecutors told jurors Thursday during her murder trial.

Investigators have said Jessica Tata was shopping at a nearby Target when a fire broke out in her home's kitchen and...Read full article, here.

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