Friday, October 12, 2012

Update: D'Andre Lane found guilty of murder and child abuse: Black Women, where is his child's body?

On this following video, you will hear the mother of the missing little girl who could have been murdered by her father speak.   Banika Jones allegedly says, she was once a military scientist and knows things just don't add up, because no evidence has not been found to prove Lane is a murderer.   She believes her daughter could still be alive and was hoping for an acquittal for D'Andre Lane, but obviously, the judge and jury believed the prosecuting attorney, Carin Goldfarb during the trial.  

Now that D'Andre Lane has been found guilty of murdering and physically abusing his baby girl, Bianca Jones, just what did he do with her body?   Of course, we know Banika believes he is innocent, but many times some black women do not want to believe the truth, when they are in love with a man.  The Bible was right when it said, 'Love covers the multitude of faults' as it says in I Peter 4:8, but we cannot ever cover up or even lie when it comes to possible murder.  Sisters, we should be so closed to God, we should be able to sense when the man in our life is not telling the truth, especially if they father our children.  In our opinion, we can see right through D'Andre Lane, simply because he could never prove he was robbed, after the police found his car not far away from his home.  Sisters, some people are born habitual liars and no matter how much you try to get them to tell the truth, they will continue to stand by their lie, regardless if it does not look or sound right.  No wonder hell has a lot of room and full of million of souls, we hear.

Sisters, when it comes to our daughters, they are replica of us, so we must pray for good men to father them.  Not all, but some black men are not extra concerned about their children, unless they are of a mixed race.   The truth hurts, but this is the type of day we are living in, D'Andre Lane may not only have murdered his baby girl because she wet on herself, but-he could have had some deep hatred for her as a black female.   Now, the missing child's mother maybe educated as a military scientist, but she may not be educated enough to study the mind of a person, psychology.   When we listened to D'Andre explained to the FBI what happened when he was supposedly carjacked by two masked men, it seemed like his story was going in circles and it just did not make sense.  Furthermore, if he did kill his baby girl, Bianca, what could he have done with her body?

In the meantime, we will be praying for Banika Jones, including D'Andre Lane.  We pray that he accepts Jesus Christ as his personal Savior and if there is any factual evidence he needs to tell investigators, we pray he does the right thing and admit he murdered his two-year-old daughter, Bianca.   

If Bianca Jones is dead, may she rest in eternal peace with Jesus Christ.

Watch Video

D'Andre Lane found guilty of murder and child abuse 

By Staff

WJBK Detroit -Fox 2's Amy Lange reports that D'Andre Lane has been found guilty of murdering his daughter Bianca Jones.

A Wayne County Circuit Court jury returned a guilty verdict of murder and child abuse against Lane.
Prosecutors accused Lane of fatally beating Bianca with a...Read full article, here.

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