Monday, October 8, 2012

Update: 3rd suspect arrested in lounge owner, Vanessa Thrasher's murder

Just in case you did not know, a third suspect in the murder of lounge owner, Vanessa Thrasher has been arrested.   Gerald Peterson, an alleged gang member is suspected as one of the killers who gunned her down, after taking two hundred dollars, they took from her cash register. 

We are very happy, Vanessa Thrasher's killers are now going to face a judge, because they were so wrong for taking her life.  Thrasher, was a strong black woman who stood up to anyone who caused trouble in her family restaurant and she was cleaning up the community.  However, usually it is the civil rights activists whom get mistreated by the very ones they care about, their own race, some blacks who mess up the neighborhood. 

3rd suspect arrested in lounge owner murder

Atlanta police say they've made an arrest in connection with the slaying of an Atlanta restaurant owner last month.

Authorities say 53-year-old Vanessa Thrasher was preparing to testify in an upcoming murder trial when she was gunned down at her northwest Atlanta business, OT's Lounge and Soul Food Grill, on Aug. 16.

Atlanta police said late Sunday that 23-year-old Gerald Peterson was...Read full article, here.


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