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Reggae singer, Wayne Hamilton gunned down at seedy Bronx hotel mocked his accused killer in a song: Black women, was the affair worth Tracy Bennett dying with her lover?

Sisters, why does it seem like whenever we can see black men and black women together, most of the time their relationships are not right?   This reggae singer, Wayne Hamilton was a married man, we will discuss that in our next article.   However, we are very perplexed why he would tease his killer in a song, possibly about having his woman while being unfaithful to his wife.   He and Tracy Bennett in the below photo had been in affair for 5 years.  Black women, when we are so fortunate to have a black man in an age when there are so many bi-racial couples, let us choose do it right.  

We are not saying it was right for the accuse killer, Joseph Kernizan to murder anyone.  All we are trying to get you to understand is this point, we are supposed to be faithful to our men and not be in affairs with married men.   Don't you remember the biblical scripture that forwarned us about sin bringing on death in Romans 6:23?  It clearly says, 'For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.'   Often times, people die before their time, simply because they chose to become involve with sin: 'fornication, adultery, homosexuality, theft, idolatry, witchcraft, whoremonging...all types of sin will give us death.  However, the scripture went on to say, 'the gift of God is eternal life,' that's righteous living.  Black women, we want you to learn how to enjoy being single, until you accept Jesus Christ and He sends you the right 'single' man.  It does not pay to live a double life.   It is very dangerous to cheat on your man and then, the man you cheat with just happens to be a married man.   Think about it black women, the situation could have been worse in another way; what if Wayne Hamilton's wife, Mavis was the killer?   The only reason why she possibly was not in the place of being killer like Joseph Kernizan is because she did not know about her husband's affair with Bennett. However, she may not be the type of person to snap and kill two people like Mr. Kernizan.

Let us ask you this question dear sisters, what's wrong with enjoying life with a single and truly saved man?   We do not want to hear the same old excuse 'there aren't many black men available, because the white and Latino women are taking them.'  If that was the case with Tracy Bennett, she would not have been in a relationship with the killer. They are still a lot of them available for us, we just have to learn how to treat them right when we have them and not be so quick to accept a relationship with any black man who comes along.  So, we are not saying Joseph Kernizan was the right man, but neither was the married man, Wayne Hamilton, he belong to another sister.   So, what is wrong with you being single and saved until God sends you the right man?  Why do you have to date married men and even cheat on your man?  You see, that is the life of a woman who is unholy and trifling, a virtuous woman does not hurt other people while risking her own life, including someone else.  Now, we feel very bad for this victim, Tracy Bennett, but the truth must be told, because God wants many black women whom do wrong to change.  He does not want us dying before our time this way.  Now, Tracy Bennett could have still been here and yes, it was wrong for Mr. Joseph Kernizan to kill she and her boyfriend, but Bennett's wrong doing along with the married man brought on more sin, which is murder.  You cannot expect for God to bless you with a long life and you do not live your life, according to His book, and that is, being completely holy without blemish.   Of course, we all make mistakes, but when you know what is right and what is wrong, your sins will catch up with you and sometimes, it most likely will lead to death, if you refuse to change.  She and Wayne Hamilton were both playing with fire and God cannot protect us when we continue to satisfy our flesh while considering the feelings of others.  Again, yes murder is wrong, but often times when people are unsaved, they have no regard for your life and the Devil will use them to be the very ones to take out your life, if you refuse to surrender your soul to Jesus Christ and walk upright before Him.

Black women, have you been in a relationship with a married man while being single or committed to someone else?  Let us assure you, it is wrong.  It is wrong to murder, but you are just as wrong to lust and satisfy your flesh with someone you have no business with.   Would you like to get to know Jesus?  You see, worldly love gives you death according to that above scripture, but Jesus Christ gives you the kind of love to deliver you from death.  As a black woman, you are going to have to learn how to be satisfied with Jesus and do things His way, meaning no longer become involved with married men or even cheat on your man.   God has been very patient with all of us, but if we do not surrender to Him, the Bible clearly states, our bad choices will lead to death.   Sisters, would you like to get to know Jesus as your personal Savior?  If so, please go straight to our Salvation page and get to know Him before it is your last time.   God bless you. 

Now, some of you black women who call yourselves saved, you are no better than Tracy Bennett.   You need to repent if you are a mistress to a married man.  This sort of mess goes on in the black church all the time and many times unsaved women don't go to church, because they do not see a change in a lot of church-going women.   If you are sleeping with a married man, either single or in a committed relationship, then you need to repent.  God want us saved women to be an example to those whom are unholy, so they will not have to die early like Tracy Bennett, but if they do not see a change in black women who are supposed to be saved, then they will not see any reason to change, themselves.  Saved sisters, God wants our light to shine, so make sure you are showing a difference, so we can lead black women whom are lost in sin to Jesus Christ.  God bless you. 

Reggae singer gunned down at seedy Bronx hotel mocked his accused killer in a song  

The popular reggae singer gunned down with his secret girlfriend outside a seedy Bronx hotel had taunted his romantic rival and accused killer in song.

In “Nah Lef Joe,” released in 2010, Wayne Hamilton, 50, better known as Captain Barkey, sang of bedding a woman, then complaining in the chorus, “She tell me she nah lef Joe.”

Friends said the song was aimed at Joseph Kernizan, 42, the man cops are...Read full article, here.

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