Friday, October 19, 2012

New Jersey mom says teacher made her daughter eat food out of the trash: Black women, protect your children from child cruelty at school

Kandice Taylor of New Jersey allegedly says a Deerfield Township School teacher had forced her daughter Ke’Nya Febry to eat a bagel out of the trash.  Sisters, this is something that has been going on since the 1970's.  When we heard about this situation, a group of us journalists can recall when some substitute teachers were very strict back in those days.  This sort of thing is nothing new, although it is not right.  However, as black women we must continue to protect our children from cruel punishment that often occurs at their schools. 

One specific story back in the 1970's, among a few of our journalists, we can recall is when a substitute teacher (a black woman) was standing near the garbage can.  She was attentively watching kids throw their plates away and if there was food left on it, she would scream from the top of her lungs and tell us to get it out and eat it.  Most of us knew after the first time, we would not ever get away with dumping our food in the garbage ever again, so we ate all of the food on our plates.  That was when parents did not speak out as much about teachers being very nasty toward their children.  Years later, after we were grown in the early 1990's, we heard the lady died in the hospital from an accidental dosage a nurse gave her.   It was so sad to hear the news, we did not even think about her cruel punishment in the cafeteria when we were kids, we forgave her. 

As black women, there are certain moments from our childhood that causes us to be more concerned about our children, today.   Kandice is no doubt stopping this ill cycle that has not changed one bit in some public schools.  

In this case with Kandice Taylor and her daughter Ke'Nya, possibly the teacher can be considerate in a teacher's meeting and explain why the children at Deerfield Township School should not waste food.  The principal then needs to explain to the teacher that if the children do not want to eat their food, it is their choice, but at the same time the free meal program cannot be given to children if they should decide to throw their food away.   That would be better than forcing the child to eat out of the trash can, because it is a very degrading thing to experience in your early years of life.  

As black women, we cannot allow any school official to be cruel to our children.  We must go out of our way to show our child how much we love them by expressing are concern by speaking to school officials about these sort of incidents.   Believe us, children do not forget, just like a few us journalists who discussed this popular issue back in the day, although we forgive.

New Jersey mom says teacher made her daughter eat food out of the trash

A New Jersey mom says her 5-year-old daughter was forced to eat a bagel out of the trash at school  and that the little girl continues to be plagued by the effects of the experience.

Kandice Taylor told reporters last week that a teacher had forced her daughter Ke’Nya Febry, a kindergarten student at Deerfield Township School in Cumberland County, to pick a bagel out of the garbage and eat it as...Read full article, here.

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