Thursday, October 18, 2012

Mother of missing Kalisha Madden thinks daughter is dead: Black women, let's pray she is alive

Kalisha Madden has been missing for about a year know.  Here mother, Pamela Johnson thinks she is dead, although her young children are expecting for their mother's return.  We sort of feel like the killers of the deceased escorts may have something to do with Kalisha's disappearance, since those murders happened around the same time.   It is very sad to hear someone last saw her getting into a van with a group of men.   We wonder what was her expression when she was getting into the van, was she happy, sad, fighting to get out?   We hope and pray Kalisha Madden is still alive, although her mother has this gut feeling she's dead somewhere.

If you have followed this story, just like the escort murders, then you will recall Pamela Johnson's first interview, she was still sad, but she did not seem to give up hope.  Now, after a year's time, she feels someone murdered her daughter, Kalisha.  Now, black women we know Detroit is a very horrible place for any sister to live and try to survive, it is not safe even if Kalisha would have been working at a retail store, in our opinion.   It seems like there is a dark cloud hanging over the city and the Devil is using this heartless men to take out black women of all ages before their time.

Let's say a prayer for Kalisha Madden, no matter what the situation looks like.  We know God works miracles and although, many cases turn out to be a dead end, God still could have made it possible for our dear sister to be alive.  Pray with us black women, right now: 

Dear Father, we pray for the life of our dear sister, Kalisha Madden.  Although, we may not know her personally, we know, you know her best, because you created her, just like the rest of us.  Lord, let this young mother still be alive.   We know it has been a year, but if it is your will, no matter what sort of profession she was doing at the time of her disappearance, please allow her to still be found alive.   Satan, we bind you in the name of Jesus, leave our young sister alone right now.  We plead the blood over Kalisha's life.  God let her live and be found right now.  We bind the demons in the heartless men who may have harmed her.  If they have not killed her, don't let them kill her, but give them a mind to let her go, right now.   Satan, the blood of Jesus is against you, right now.  leave Kalisha alone.   Lord, everything is in your hands and if Kalisha is dead, we know she is in your hands.   We pray her her mother, give Pamela Johnson peace of mind, right now.  Amen.
Sisters, if you desire for the Lord Jesus Christ to come into your life, please go straight to our Salvation page.  Nobody can love you like God.   Allow God to come into your life and abide in you and welcome to the family of Christ.  God bless you.  

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Fox 2 News Headlines 

Mother of missing Kalisha Madden: 'I know she's deceased'

By Alexis Wiley
FOX 2 News Reporter

SOUTHFIELD, Mich. -- 26-year-old Kalisha Madden, a mother of six, has been missing for nearly a year now.  Her mother has spent countless hours searching for her and trying to bring her home alive.  Now she is telling family and friends the search is over.

Why stop now?

"Because I know she's deceased.  I know that she's deceased, so I'm no...Read full article, here.

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