Saturday, October 20, 2012

Mother leaves 3-year-old home alone to go on job interview: Black Women, take your children with you

Reshea Alexander allegedly left her daughter at home by herself while she went on a job interview.  We encourage you sisters to take your children with you, no matter how difficult it is, simply because there are laws we as mothers have to abide by.  Of course, as black women times are very hard right now and it is understood if you do not have enough money for child care or cannot find even find a decent person to babysit, but you have to be wise and just take your child with you.    

Sisters, in the 21st century, there are strict laws and guidelines we must follow when it comes to caring for our children.  The state does not care about you lack of finance, all they want you to do, is just follow the law, no matter what.   Wherever you are applying for a job, the employer should be able to understand that you are a single mother, if they see you have your child with you.   So, when you take your child on the interview with you, just give them a doll or a snack while you are focused on getting the job.  This sort of news is nothing new, it happens all the time, you just have to be wise and follow the law, so you will not be arrested.  However, it is very good Reshea Alexander was out looking for work and doing the best she could as a single mother. 

In the meantime, we will keep Reshea Alexander and her little girl in our prayers and hope she will find employment. 

  Watch WSBTV Video, here

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