Sunday, October 14, 2012

Joseph Kernizan shoots ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend at Bronx motel: Black women,she begged him not to do shoot!

Joseph Kernizan is accused of killing his ex-girlfriend, Tracy Benett, 38, and her new boyfriend, 50-year-old Wayne Hamilton.   Witnesses saw the lone gunman approach the couple as they both were leaving the Holiday Motel early in the morning.   Bennett was heard pleading with him, but obviously Joseph Kernizan ignored her cries and shot them both dead multiple times.  Sisters, it is very sad this black woman's pleas did not stop her ex-boyfriend from committing a double homicide.  

Unfortunately, a photo of Tracy Bennett has not yet been released to the press, but here is a photo of the other victim, Wayne Hamilton who was known as Captain Barkey, a Reggae musician.  The two were checking out and did not expect to meet up with their killer.   The killer's ex-girlfriend begged him not to shoot, but he did not listen.

Sisters, we forewarn you to be very careful of the man you choose to be with, because if it does not work out and you desire to leave him, he could be possessed with the demon of murder.  Just to look at Joseph Kernizen, you can look deep inside his soul and sense he is very cold-hearted.   He appears to be a very dangerous man.   Of course, we as black women have the right to change our minds, if we feel we made a mistake, but the minds of certain people operate in an uncompromising way. Y ou must be very careful whom you connect with, because there are dangerous people in the world.  Seek the Lord, accept Him in your life and make sure you are with the right man He wants you to have.   God will not send you anyone to harm you and there will be no reason to leave Him, if you know he was designed for you. he would probably try to harm you or the person you with, you need to make very sure you have accept Jesus Christ into your life.  If you get saved, then maybe your man will too.  However, you cannot wait until he makes a choice.   Make a decision, before it's too late and you lose your soul.    If this is you, please go straight to our salvation page now.

 God bless you and remain strong in Him.

Lone gunman shoots man and woman at Bronx motel 

A jilted lover stalked and shot his ex-girlfriend and her new beau, ignoring the woman’s desperate pleas for mercy early Saturday outside a seedy Bronx motel.

Joseph Kernizan, 42, was waiting when the couple emerged from the Holiday Motel around 3:10 a.m., and he blasted more than two dozen bullets at...Read full article, here.

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